xdfishStephanie Ruby went fishing with her dad Stuart on Tuesday last week at Sandy Point. The pair hooked into Australian salmon and landed this 2kg ripper.

GREAT weather has seen more boats and land based anglers out and about trying their luck.
They have been rewarded with increasing numbers of quality fish such as snapper, gummies and big flathead making up very impressive bags.
The early start has certainly given fishers encouragement to get out and try their luck and King George appreciates any reports for publication.


Williamsons Beach has seen quite a few anglers wetting a line with very good size salmon being caught to the 2.5kg mark.
Of course these fish give a very good account of themselves and Andy Collins was out through the week but lost quite a few through fish breaking free to swim and fight another day.
Even though the fish were around what the estimated to be around the 2kg mark he thought this was unusual.
Through the conversation it was revealed that Andy was not washing his gear after use and also left it exposed to direct sunlight when not in use.
These two factors are sure-fire methods where fish will be frequently lost as salt water and direct sunlight will quickly erode your line.
At Kilcunda Beach there have also been quite good numbers of salmon being bagged on white bait, salted pipis and fresh pilchards.

Venus Bay:

The beaches have also been productive where land-based anglers have caught salmon to the 2kg mark.
The best results have been on the run in tide along with a few quality flathead and gummy sharks.
Beyond the breakers in this area there have also been quite reasonable numbers of pinkies to the 3kg mark being caught on a variety of presentations including pilchards, fish fillets and squid.


The recent work on the jetty has no doubt been justified and with the recent great conditions, visitors have been flocking to the area in big numbers.
Their efforts have been rewarded with reasonable numbers of fish that include mullet, salmon and reasonable size silvers being caught on a mixture of small baits.
Every so often there will be a school of mullet or salmon and bag limits will quickly be reached.
When things are quiet there are crabs being caught and most of the time these crustaceans are what is being taken home.
Just inside the entrance there have been good bags of fish being caught on both sides of the low water.
Salmon, silvers and mullet have been the main catch where the torpedo fish have been to the 2.5kg mark and when hooked up will put on a real show.
They have been taking a variety of lures and natural baits.
The salmon are regarded by most anglers as being best on the table to the 600gm or similar as anything much larger will certainly test gear and skills of the angler but tend to be a bit the bland side.
Through the week the conditions were great up as far as the Double Islands where there was a very good variety of fish caught.
This is where salmon, silvers, mullet, coutta and reasonable size pinkies can be caught on a variety of baits but be careful as the run out tide can ground boats in the shallows.
The result can be a long wait before the incoming tide can come to the rescue.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boat storage is that there have been very good numbers of large squid being caught.
From reports to King George there have also been quite encouraging numbers of gummy sharks to the 15kg mark also being taken on a variety of presentations.
There has also been a sprinkling of quality size snapper and flathead but it would be fair to say that most boaters are concentrating on squid for the table and for bait.
The jetties are also going along very well where quality size squid are also in good numbers as well as silvers, salmon, flathead and mullet.


Lachie Roberts who manages the caravan park says there has been quite good numbers of squid, gummy sharks and flathead being bagged on squid, pilchards and fresh fish fillets.
Lachie says fish such as silvers and salmon seem to be more productive especially when fresh probably due to the blood content which would make sense.


Keith Fry catches eels for shark bait from Wurdiboluc reservoir after dark using sheep’s heart for bait.
That’s where he and Steve Grey were on Saturday night but, without a bite by 8pm they were ready to pack up and leave.
As it turned out, they didn’t leave empty handed for their luck changed at the last minute when an eel and a large brown trout with a liking for sheep’s heart weighed in at a very impressive 3kg.


On Sunday, Daniel Stranger and Tom Bush headed offshore and fished in 40 metres of water off Thirteenth Beach where they caught two snapper, including one of 7kg, and two gummy sharks of about the same size.
Daniel, who has spent a good deal of time fishing offshore over the years, says he has seldom seen the fishing so good, particularly for gummy shark and snapper.

Corio Bay:

Murray and Darcy Scott and Scott Teasdale made an early start on Corio Bay on Saturday and in no time had a 6kg snapper in the boat by 7am.
As so often things went quiet and, apart from an occasional flathead, that’s all they caught for the morning.
Thanks to Geoff Wilson for Freshwater, Offshore and Corio Bay reports.

Lakes Entrance:

The footbridge has been good for trevally with best results being when drifting.
The town jetties have produced mixed bags of fish and it would be fair to say things can be a bit on the slow side.
The north arm has been going well near the winery for flathead that are taking poddy mullet and lures.
Lake Bunga beach has been good for salmon that are to the 2 to 3kg mark on blue bait.
Bullock Island and the rock wall are also worth a visit.
The Reeve Channel has been good as far as salmon are concerned and there have also been a few local prawns making an appearance.

Lake Tyers:

The water temperature is still around the 14 degree mark and as a result the fishing is a bit patchy.
The entrance is still open and there are a few bream being caught near the snags and around the island.
Salmon are in good numbers on the incoming tide near number 2 boat ramp.
Long Point is good for bream and salmon that are taking soft plastic lures.

Mitchell River:

Bream to 40cm are being caught from Shadoof Lodge to the river mouth where the best baits are sandworm, spider crab and prawn.
The Lindenow area has some sea running salmon being caught.

Tambo River:

There have been quite a few of those useless carp being caught near the highway bridge for those interested but no reports of quality fish through the week.
There have been a few bream being bagged from the Marshall Flats to around the entrance where local prawn and sand worm have been the best of the baits.


Good size bream have been caught at the little cliffs on prawns and worms. The area known as the Swimming Hole as well as Thumb Point is also worth a try.


From the Marina around to Shaving Point has been about the best places through the week for bream that are taking mainly sand worms and prawns.
Lake King Jetty towards Tambo Bay is also said to be worth a try with bream being the main catch.


Newlands Arm backwater as well as Duck Arm has good numbers of tailor.
The yacht club jetty has been giving up good numbers of bream being caught on prawn.
The beach has been the place for salmon that are in good numbers and taking natural baits and lures. There have also been good results on salted trevally fillets.

Hollands Landing:

From Blonde Bay, The Bluff and down to Storm Point there have been good numbers of bream being caught on prawns. There are also a few mullet being caught.


Lake Corringle has been the place for good size bream that are being bagged on crab and local prawn.
Luderick and mullet are being caught on worms.
Good size perch are being caught around the Snags mainly on lures.
The surf has been good for salmon and tailor are taking a variety of natural baits.

Bemm River:

The entrance is now closed and bream are being taken in the surf to the 2kg mark on pilchards and metal lures.
Good size bream are being taken in the lake and river on a variety of baits.
Trevally are being caught on soft plastic lures.

Tamboon Inlet:

Peachtree Creek has been good for bream with best bait being prawn.
Pelican Point down to Old Man Point has been worth a look for bream.
The surf has been giving up good numbers of salmon that have been to the 2kg mark.


There are still good numbers of salmon being caught off the beach on surf poppers and pilchards.
Secret Beach has been giving up gummy and seven gill sharks that are taking pilchards. The best time has been after dark.
The top and bottom lakes have been good for bream that have been taking yabbies and prawns.
The odd flathead has been taking a variety of lures.
In the Narrows there have been reasonable numbers of bream.
Luderick have been caught at the main wharf on weed.
The upper rivers have also been giving up bream that are taking yabbies.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on 5672 3474 or snafu1@dcsi.net.au. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

TO everybody’s surprise the weather played its part this week despite it being the school holidays but true to form the forecast for the second week doesn’t look quite so good.
The weather on Saturday started off a bit overcast but quickly cleared up into a very fishable afternoon the problem was it was those who persisted in the morning that cleaned up.
Sunday was a different story with all boats staying in the driveway and only a handful fishing the beaches and jetties.

Calamari started the week in very good numbers from the San Remo Jetty with several people getting very close to their bag but as the week went on the calamari disappeared with only a handful caught over the weekend and then of course the wind turned up making fishing difficult.
The boats were more consistent over the whole week with reports but a few less in numbers.
The size was also better from the boats or at least more consistent with those caught from the jetty a mixture of sizes.
The beaches were generally quiet and I had very few reports from either Ventnor or Cleeland Bight.
The reports from the boats came from Cleeland Bight, better if you could drift from Reef Island and from Tortoise Head.
Baited jigs seem to work almost all of the year but the artificial ones can be difficult to get right.
From the reports this week the best colours were white, orange and red but that was this week and who knows what they will want next week.

There were a few boats venturing offshore this week and apart from it being a bit difficult to stand up with the swell, the fishing was also hard work.
Most that headed out came back with something but only just a feed, even the couta were a bit scarce.
There were a few salmon caught and plenty of silver whiting but those looking for snapper or gummies were disappointed finding mostly gurnard and draughtboard sharks.
The flathead were there and in several places but finding more than a couple in the one spot was almost impossible.
Despite the fishing being hard work, now is the best time to go offshore as you will often find the snapper schooling up before coming into the bay and the flathead will fire up at any time without warning.
If you are heading offshore, don’t forget to throw one of your bigger rods in and a bigger bait as another Mako came up to a boat for a look during the week – the problem was they had nothing with them capable of landing it.

Whiting were a bit like the calamari with the reports early in the week quite good but ending up a bit thin by the end of the week.
The best reports this week were from the early morning with several customers reporting they got into double figures reasonably easily up until Wednesday but struggled after that.
I had reports from those fishing during the day as well but certainly nowhere near as good.
Those fishing during the day also reported that they had to shift around a lot to find the fish and couldn’t hold them at the boat unlike those fishing in the mornings who said berley worked well.
I didn’t have too many reports from the evenings with most heading to The Corals on the good nights for a snapper.

Snapper reports are continuing to increase but still a bit light on with only a very small handful of people having what I would consider a good session.
Most of the reports though were of very good quality fish.
I did get one good report from Saturday morning off Rhyll where it was described as “you couldn’t help but catch them”.
It was however confined to one small area and many of the boats around them missed out altogether.
The reports have still been widespread and from most places you would expect to catch snapper.
This is nothing new for this time of the year and it will still be a few weeks before they school up.
Again typical for this time of the year most of the snapper are around the 4kg to 6kg mark and generally quality fish.
There is still a mixture of snapper just playing with baits and a few that are hitting hard and running.

Land based has been a bit slow and very few have shown up at Newhaven Jetty as yet with draughtboard sharks and rays the biggest catches there.
I have had more reports from Cowes Jetty and even a couple from San Remo Jetty during the week. Squid and pilchard the most successful baits.