By King George

THE pleasant conditions over the weekend were perfect for fishing but there were not as many boats out but that could be because some exciting winter sports.
Even so there were some quite good reports, which are encouraging for the near future and some warmer water temperatures should improve catch rates.


Even though there has been very little surf there have been quite reasonable bags of salmon making an appearance, which is good news.
Henry Davidson is one of those mad keen beach anglers who will travel to many of his spots on the beach to catch a fish.
His favourite fish is salmon that are up to the 1kg mark and says that he usually goes home with a respectable bag, which is shared with his many mates.
He will only eat them fresh, which is a common belief among anglers who catch this type of fish as they are generally considered much better fresh and definitely not much value after being frozen.
On his last trip to Kilcunda beach he managed a mixed bag consisting of salmon, flathead and one well over size gummy shark that were all taken on whitebait.
Henry said there were a few other anglers along the beach and could see that most seemed to be catching fish.


The water has cleaned up through the week and with the calm conditions there have been an increase in numbers of boaters and land-based fishers trying their luck.
Through the week there was a school of large mullet that decided to pay a visit to the area known as the bathing boxes.
Up until the fish arrived with the incoming tide the anglers hadn’t had much luck.
Mullet seem to be right throughout the inlet and are taking a good variety of natural baits.
Salmon also seem to be everywhere, which is further good news and being taken on both sides of the tide.
As has been the case for some time, the boat ramp at Mahers Landing is productive with a good range of fish making a visit to the area well worthwhile.
Further up towards the Double Islands the fishing is still quite good where coutta, mullet, silvers and quality flathead as well as good size pinkies are being caught.

Shallow Inlet:

The water temperature is still at winter level but there have been good numbers of salmon that continue to be caught.
The fish have been to the 2kg mark and are being bagged on both sides of the tide.
Very good size silvers to the 1.5kg mark are also being caught on a variety of baits as are flathead.
James Johnson decided to try his luck over the weekend and said that the conditions were as close to perfect as they could be but there was not a great number of boats which was a surprise to him as he travelled from Dandenong to wet a line.
He wasn’t really looking for any particular species of fish but managed to get into a very good school of salmon that were all around the 500gm mark that were breaking the surface of the water.
This suited James down to the ground so to speak and in short time had his bag limit; all caught on surface lures.
He continued to catch and release salmon until he had enough of fish and fishing for one day and went back home very happy.
Just inside the entrance there had been bigger salmon being bagged on baits and lures where the fish have been following the run in tide upstream.


There have been numerous schools of mullet breaking the water close in shore near the caravan park.
Melbourne angler Rod Francis was down for the weekend with family and friends with the intention of catching some fish, not really fussy either way.
Rod didn’t have a really great day apart from a few small flathead that would not have given him bragging rights but that was the least of his worries.
As it turned out he became lost in a thick fog that just dropped down in the dead still air and he had a fair wait until he could see where he was going but eventually the air cleared and made his way back to the boat ramp.
What he didn’t know was that he motored through a large school that could be seen by his mates from the shore but he wasn’t really in the mood after the fog!
On the other side of the inlet at Port Welshpool there have been fairly positive results as far as flathead have been concerned along with snapper to the 3kg mark being caught mainly on the run out tide.
There has been the odd gummy shark being bagged but at this stage there is still plenty of water mixed in.
The jetties have been going reasonably well which is good news where squid have been in good numbers.
Big mullet are also being caught along with flathead, silvers and reasonable size salmon where the best results have been on the run in tide at the eastern end of the structure.
King George came across Peter and Adal Brenna with their dog Alli.
They were trying their luck off the newly constructed breakwater but all they could manage was getting cold from a stiff east wind but they were happy and hopeful something might come along to make their day.

Port Albert:

The General Store is run by Rob and Ulla Killury who always have up to date fishing information and it is well worth a visit before going out on the water.
King George did on this on a recent visit and heard Rob’s mate Jeff Lipscombe has been doing very well outside the entrance, especially on the big flathead that have been caught in around 20 metres of water.
Rob said Jeff would soon be back and usually calls in at the Custom House Inn, which is now located next to where the local hotel was before being sadly burnt down.
A visit to the Inn seemed to be like a good idea and upon arrival King George was greeted by Chris Cato.
Over a refreshing drink Chris said how much he is looking forward to the coming season and especially looking after the local and visiting anglers.
He will also run a courtesy bus as well as fish cleaning facilities and accommodation, which will be much sought after as the season progresses.


Taking a run off Torquay on Sunday morning with a good bait supply of fresh squid and Australian salmon, Kevin McLoughlin, brother Jeremy, Marcus Pearson and Jason Dickman anchored up in 40 metres of water.
It wasn’t long before the fish showed interest, and by stumps their respectable bag of assorted fish included a snapper of 7.4kg, and two gummy sharks, each weighing in at 12kg.
Taking advantage of calm weather on Saturday, Mark Sesar and Andrew Phillips made a daybreak start off Barwon Heads.
Anchoring up in 30 metres they soon had freshly caught barracouta for bait and it wasn’t long before Andrew’s reel was howling to the tune of a 6.5kg snapper.
Mark was next to hook up on a good size red about half an hour later, but that one managed to spit the hook.
All was quiet after that, so with the freshening easterly, they decided to head back to the Barwon.
Anchoring up in the Sheep Wash on the rising tide, they began a berley trail, which soon had mullet, Australian salmon and silver trevally – including a beauty of 2kg – all making for a mixed bag. Many thanks Geoff Robertson for this report.

Lakes Entrance:

Around Fraser Island has been good for salmon, tailor, trevally and mackerel where pilchard has been the best of the baits.
Town jetties are fishing OK but there are still plenty of juvenile fish about.
Surf beaches have been good for salmon on poppers and pilchard.
Pinkies and flathead are still being taken offshore.

Lake Tyers:

The lake is still open. No 1 and 2 boat ramps and Mud Island are good spots for salmon and tailor on prawn and lures.
Bream are about at Long Point around the 40cm mark, taking prawn and plastics.

Mitchell River:

Bream and perch are in good numbers from Shadoof Lodge to the Cut. Best baits being prawn and spider crab.
With the trout season opening, most will be heading for Dargo but there could be some sea going trout heading down around Lindenow.


Nicholson Angling Club Comp was held last weekend with good size bream being landed around the 40cm mark. The best of the baits were worm and prawn. Best spots are from the boat ramp down past Pear Tree, Jones Island and Thumb Point.


The main jetty and smaller jetties with weed beds on the inside are producing bream, and may also have mullet, trevally and flathead.
Lake King jetty and heading towards Jones Bay is producing the same on prawn and white bait.


Newland Arm, McMillan Strait and main wharf for bream, taking worm and prawn. Salmon, flathead and luderick are out and about, bait of choice being peeled prawn and worm. Plastics are worth a shot as well.

Hollands Landing:

Storm Point, Steel Bay and Emu Point is good for bream and mullet.
Flathead are around Shallow Bank.
Also some luderick are about, best baits being worm, soft shell and peeled prawn. For best results, keep moving about.


Have had plenty of rain and water is flowing quickly.
Fishing around the island and down to French’s Narrow will be worth a look for bream, mullet and Luderick.
The surf has been producing good numbers of salmon and tailor, taking poppers and pilchard.

Bemm River:

Fishing had been good, but with heavy rains this week, fishing has been quiet.
The entrance is closed but with this water heading down, it may force it to open again.

Tamboon Inlet:

Peach Tree Creek and down towards Mud Island and Eagons Bank for bream.
The odd flathead can be found around Shallow Bank.
Luderick are at the island and Aeroplane Rocks with the best bait being worm prawn and weed.
The surf is good for salmon on poppers and pilchards.


Luderick at main wharf and Captains Point taking weed.
Some bream in the Top Lake are taking prawn.
Gipsy Point has a few mulloway cruising about.
Flathead are about the shallows but are not taking bait.
Surf is fairly wild but for the hardy, it is producing salmon on poppers and pilchard.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good luck and Tightlines.