mcmillan-opens-up-old-woundsI refer to Liam Charles’ article ‘McMillan opens up old wounds’ in the Sentinel-Times, September 16.
I must say that I fully support Sonia Weston’s suggestion that a name change for the McMillan Electorate is long overdue.
Angus McMillan and his men were responsible for the Gippsland massacres. To my knowledge, there was not one but 14 separate massacres in Gippsland.
It is absolutely outrageous that the Electoral Commission named the electorate of McMillan after Angus McMillan.
It is an insult to all our community but especially to our indigenous people to have named the electorate after McMillan.
It is high time the name of the electorate was changed to something more appropriate, say ‘The Gunai/Kurnai Electorate’ in honour of the first owners of this beautiful area.
Frank Schooneveldt, Wonthaggi.