we-dont-need-another-surveyThe Bass Coast Shire Council wishes to have a forum regarding Inverloch dogs.
Cr Neil Rankine said “The forum is an opportunity for all community members to provide their views to council about dogs on beaches”.
In 2013 the Domestic Animal Management Advisory Committee (DAMAC) was working on suitable areas and times for dogs to have a play off-leash.
This included a survey sent to all Inverloch home owners plus a lot were hand delivered.
We received an overwhelming response with a result of 84 per cent of dog and non-dog owners in favour of having off leash areas, and as the council didn’t word the survey correctly by not mentioning that the off-leash runs would be at restricted times, I feel the result would have been greater than the 84 per cent in favour.
Then when the final DAMAC agreement went to council, they hit the residents with its unjust dog ban that turned Inverloch into a battle ground against the council with petitions exceeding 4000 signatures from people wanting the freedom we have had with our dogs from before Inverloch was named.
So now the council has employed yet another consultant to do the thinking for them as I feel they are not capable of doing the job themselves.
Well, it’s only ratepayers’ money being wasted again. That seems to be the attitude.
With all the hard work we did last year on DAMAC with the survey it is an insult to volunteers to have a council ignore the results we came up with, with 12 months of voluntary work down the drain because it appears the result didn’t suit a few councillors.
So could someone at the council please explain to the Inverloch residents why, with our very thorough survey, plus the very positive results of the petitions, what is the part that the council doesn’t understand?
Why do they need to have more community consultations?
With what has happened over the last year I think the council should be able to clearly see what the Inverloch residents want, even without the aid of a consultant.
Robert Scott, Inverloch.