wind-farm-destructionIt is extraordinary that a project intended to be a plus for the environment could be so devastating in its execution.
The need to connect the huge 54 turbine Bald Hills wind farm under construction near Tarwin Lower to an electrical substation at Leongatha South has resulted in the removal of hundreds of mature eucalypts from road reserves on the Tarwin Lower/Walkerville and Tarwin Lower/Inverloch roads.
These trees, habitat to a variety of species including koalas, are being replaced by huge, incongruous concrete transmission poles, densely spaced and in many cases, dangerously close to traffic, especially on the Walkerville Road.
The change to the attractiveness of these important tourist thoroughfares is very sad.
The project partners, agencies and decision makers involved in this travesty should be condemned for their failure to negotiate a more suitable path for the power lines, either a direct line across open farmland or better still, underground.
It is clear the cheapest solution was paramount in their decisions to the detriment of the environment and the community.
This roadside blight will stand as a perpetual monument to their insensitivity and incompetence.
Colin Suggett, president, Tarwin Lower Venus Bay Association.