On Tuesday, August 26, three or four female students from the Dudley Campus, Wonthaggi Secondary College were involved in what could have turned out to be a nasty little incident with a runaway vehicle, a Holden Captiva.
I was looking out my front window at a vehicle parked in front of the house next door, when I saw it moving off without a driver behind the wheel.
The vehicle was rapidly picking up speed as I ran from the house in pursuit.
My choice was to open the driver side door and apply the brakes, rather than go to the front of the car and try and stop it.
Reaching the driver’s side door I found it locked.
The brave young ladies from Dudley campus had overtaken me, went straight to the front of the car stopping it before I could put a hand on the bonnet of the runaway vehicle.
I would like to point out I’m more than twice the size and weight of any of the girls and had reservations about trying to stop the car from the front.
The vehicle travelled 48 metres before the girls intervened, stopping it only eight metres from a parked car picking up students.
The actions of these brave girls certainly prevented expensive damage to both vehicles and possible injury to the students entering the parked car.
Not content with stopping the runaway car, they pushed it uphill halfway back to where it was parked, only being stopped by a rear tyre jamming against the kerb.
One of the girls entered a property with a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign on the gate in search of the owner while the remaining girls made sure the car didn’t take off downhill again.
The owner, obviously embarrassed, seemed more intent on moving the car the rest of the way back to where it came from, than thanking the girls for their valiant actions.
Not that the girls showed any sign of expecting a “thank you”.
These young ladies are a credit to their college and the community. I hope this can be acknowledged publicly at their school.
D. Egan, Wonthaggi.