Clare-Le-ServeThe master plan for the Wonthaggi Hospital was completed in 2010 setting out the need for $200 million for the upgrade of the hospital to Sub Regional status.
The plan was completed under the previous Labor Government and regrettably nothing much has happened since.
I welcome the latest announcement of funding for the hospital; the short stay unit and the equipment being funded in a $1.1 million package.
But a commitment to fund the entire plan over the next five to seven years is required and must be forthcoming in this election campaign.
We risk being bought off with a minor project while the master plan gets buried again in government bureaucracy.
It is time the government stopped ‘feeding the chooks’ with a series of minor announcements when the master plan requires adoption and forward budget commitment now.
We know that other areas have received much more funding than Bass Coast and it has not served us well being such a safe seat for the Liberal Party.
At this rate of minor election commitments it will take decades to upgrade the hospital with another period of inactivity and neglect from the government until the next election.
Bass Coast is an area of above average growth at over 3 per cent a year. There is increasing pressure on the health services of the area already; Sub Regional hospital services are required now to adequately service the region.
The government must adopt the Master Plan and pledge to fund it over the next five to seven years. If they don’t, it is a further indication of them taking this area for granted.
Clare Le Serve, Independent candidate for Bass.