While belatedly catching up on some reading, I was particularly impressed with your September 23 Letters page.
Crowned by Colin Suggett’s ‘The road to Bald Hills Wind Farm’ cartoon, it contained letters on a variety of issues.
With humour Colin Suggett conveyed his concern about the cutting down of trees, some of which were koalas’ habitat, for power poles to the wind farm, the closeness of the poles to the road and the positioning of the poles on top of hills close to farmhouses and grazing animals.
One letter – from a South Gippsland Shire Council staff member – tried to justify the cutting down of the trees, while a community group queried special charge schemes for road and drainage work.
Frank Schooleveldt gave a considered argument for changing the name of the McMillan electorate to the Gunai/Kurnai Electorate, two well-expressed letters were against the Bass Coast Shire’s intention to have another dog survey, and one was from a State Minister praising the current premier for obtaining Commonwealth funding for kindergarten children. Another correspondent urged electors to make their votes count.
The letter from the CEO of the Port of Hastings Development tried to allay fears of the public about the use of a sensor within Bass Strait, but for this reader at least he raised more questions.
The last letter – from Clare Le Serve, the Independent Candidate for Bass – asked a question about the traffic chaos that would be caused should the Port of Hastings go ahead and asked other relevant questions about its impact on Western Port’s Ramsar-listed wetlands, the dumping site for dredging spoil, the impact on recreational fishing and tourism.
Her questions were, as she suggested, ones that should have been asked long before the project had been allowed to proceed.
In a democracy such as ours, it is healthy that a newspaper such as yours allows readers to express their opinions and concerns in this way. Congratulations and thank you.
Meryl Tobin, The Gurdies.