Last Wednesday, October 22, my wife and I were walking east along the beach from Cuttriss Street and passed a group of about 25 pre-schoolers happily playing in the shallow water.
A little further on, near one of the exits from the camping ground, a large dog was running “off leash” and clearly not under control.
It then decided to foul the sand a short distance ahead of us.
The owner was close enough to realise, but not having a bag, just threw a small amount of sand over the mess and walked away, leaving it half uncovered.
The dog then approached us sharing the contents of its wet fur by shaking vigorously until we were, quite possibly, wetter than the dog.
We asked the owner politely if she was a local and explained that this was not an “off leash” area. She said she was local but had not realised.
Mindful that the group of pre-schoolers may decide to move the short distance along the beach, I covered the mess as best I could, cursing the thoughtlessness of some people as I did so.
We had spent only 15 minutes on the beach and in that short time could not have asked for a clearer demonstration of why it is so totally inappropriate to allow dogs “off leash” between Cuttriss Street and Screw Creek, a beach used by so many families with children.
Steve Carter, Inverloch.