editors letterIT’S LITTLE more than a month away but if the response to an appeal on Facebook last week for your ‘Top 10 Election Issues’ is anything to go by, no one could give two hoots about the State Election.
The Facebook post ‘reached’ 1418 people out of the 3623 who ‘like’ the Sentinel-Times’ page but only three ‘liked’ the post, no one shared it and just four people took the time to respond.
Such subjects as ‘Dogs on the beach’ are of much more interest, apparently.
But it was a case of quality not quantity though with the South Gippsland Railway Line, calls for a CSG ban in South Gippsland, the high level of shire rates and the need for a new Wonthaggi education precinct all canvassed.
Here’s what our readers wanted on the election wish list:
• Chris Cantlon: For both the electorates of Bass and Gippsland South, reopening the South Gippsland railway line to Leongatha, as the region’s road network has been unable to cope without it ever since it was closed in December 1994. It will significantly benefit public transport, infrastructure, employment, tourism and economic growth in the region.
• Kelly-anne Kepto Osborne: My request is simple. A rubbish run along Dalyston-Glen Forbes Road! We pay huge $$ in rates and still have to pay to take household rubbish to the tip!
• Duke-Philippe Sartorio: As Coal Seam Gas Mining is a huge threat to South Gippsland I would love The National Party to cut its ties with the Liberal Party. Many farmers have joined the ‘Lock the Gate’ alliance and learned from their peers in Queensland, NSW and various states in the USA that CSG mining destroys livelihoods, land and water; turning farmlands into toxic wastelands. I’m urging farmers in the South Gippsland area to spread the word and vote with their heart or Victoria will be the biggest losers. The wise men here in this photo (Ryan MP & Smith MP), are they talking about this issue? No, so don’t let them threaten our food security in Victoria. Rail trails and graffiti in Wonthaggi? It just shows you they are out of touch.
• Barbara Robertson: Wonthaggi education precinct and Wonthaggi hospital.
However, while these were the only responses we received last week, everyone is going to need to ‘respond’ when they enter the voting booth on Saturday, November 29 or when early polling places open on November 17.
What way you vote might be determined by the bigger picture of who you think can best run the state’s economy but they say “you get the representation you deserve” so thought should also be given to the local MP representing us.
A talented, hard-working individual can make a difference for their community in State Parliament and we need to see the local candidates tested on the issues prior to voting day.