Open letter to Hon Ryan Smith, EPA and South Gippsland Shire Council.
On behalf of residents of Walkerville, we write to you regarding the use of a toxic incendiary, in a planned burn by Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), on May 16 this year.
Residents have informed Walkerville Ratepayers Committee members of ash fall on the populated lower slopes adjacent to the burn and a pungent stench and smoke cloud over all the settlements, including Promontory Views Estate, for several days after the said burn.
As the water supply is dependent on tank water, a number of residents are concerned about the possibility of water taint in their tanks.
A resident who has had an auto immune disease is particularly distressed about possible water contamination.
1) Will testing of water tanks will be done, by whom and who will pay for this?
2) Could we also please have the health and safety advice regarding the use of this incendiary including the possible consequences of drinking water contamination?
We appreciate your urgent attention to this.
Geoff Waters, President, Walkerville Ratepayers Association.