stripped-of-common-senseHere we go again (Sentinel-Times, October 21, page 5) – Bass Coast Shire Council (BCSC) still wants more of our money to minimise its debts and give us projects that a vast majority (71 per cent) of property owners in Sunset Strip don’t want.
The mish-mash of words in the BCSC October minutes on road and drainage Special Charge Schemes (SCS) reads like a script from the ‘Yes Minister’ TV series and if you want to read the minutes on the council website it could provide an excellent sedative if you’re having trouble sleeping.
There financial concern for the future generations has to make you wonder what the past generations did for us and, why should we pay for the neglect of the past and for those of the future as council suggests.
And, Phil Wright… what can we say?
He seems to think our community group has a “negativeness” (sic).
We are nothing but positive.
We are positive we don’t want a BCSC-imposed SCS debt.
We are positive a successful Primer Seal road surface program would be ideal.
We are positive we are rural not urban (someone nearly ran over a chicken crossing the road this week).
We are positive drainage is BCSC’s responsibility.
We are positive the majority of people don’t want the BCSC’s SCS.
We are positive we are right.
The BCSC has published in the October minutes past costs and community contributions to a SCS.
For example: Cape Woolamai West Area community contribution was $7.3 million while BCSC only contributed a measly $300,000.
And in Coronet Bay, the community contributed $3.8 million leaving the council with a miniscule $100,000 to pay.
How does the BCSC, as indicated in the October minutes, see this as an economic benefit to the community when the community are paying out millions of dollars?
Is there a pattern here?
Watch out Sunset Strip, Pioneer Bay, Surf Beach/Sunderland Bay, Smiths Beach-Beachcomber Estate and Koala Estate Cowes.
BCSC estimate it needs close to $50 million for these projects.
On BCSC’s published figures, this equates to $1,477,794 per kilometre of road.
While somebody will be eating caviar, the community will be back to baked beans.
In recent letters to your paper and emails to BCSC we have asked many questions to which we have had no response from councillors or council officers.
Questions such as: How many people are still paying off a SCS, how much are they paying and at what interest, how many homes have been slapped with caveats when the owners were unable to pay?
With these and other questions unanswered, where is the community consultation spruiked by the BCSC?
Sunset Strip Road Watch Collective, Sunset Strip,