tightlines-14102014This snapper was one of many Sheridan and Luke caught on Saturday night near Elizabeth Island.

By King George

THE recent spell of warm conditions has been great news for boaters and land-based anglers with good bags of quality fish being caught.
Snapper are being caught in good numbers where they have been to the 7kg mark.
Harrison Robertson and a mate decided to try their luck in Westernport Bay through the week and came home with some very nice snapper that were up to the 5kg mark that were caught on a variety of baits.
Good reports of whiting are also numerous with the fish being to the 40cm mark taking a variety of presentations.


There haven’t been any reports to King George as far as this form of fishing has been concerned.
No doubt there are good numbers of fish to be caught off the beaches but the focus has been on other forms of fishing.


Outside the entrance through the week was very productive as far as boaters were concerned with good numbers of 1.5kg flathead being caught.
A few gummies have been reported to the 1.5 metre mark as well as snapper and even though the numbers have been worth the effort, the results will continue to improve.
Inside the entrance around the bathing boxes there are still good numbers of mullet being caught in good numbers as well as silvers, salmon and a sprinkling of whiting.
There has been the occasional gummy caught, but it would be fair to say they are more the exception rather than the rule.
Pensioners Corner is well worth a try with best results being at low water on both sides of the tide.
Mullet are making up most bags as well as silvers, reasonable size flathead and a few whiting but as the water temperature rises, so too will the results.
The jetties are popular where visiting fishers are making up most of the numbers.
There have been fair results with mullet making up most bags and every so often a school of salmon will pay the area a visit.
There isn’t really any rule as to when they will turn up but usually it is on the run in tide.
When this happens there is plenty of action.
For the benefit of those not familiar with these fish, they are best on the table to the 600gm mark and then they tend to have a bland flavour.
They must be bled upon being caught and best kept on ice and if this is done they will be great on the table.
Further up towards Stevies Gutter there have been whiting to the 35cm mark being caught on Bass yabbies, pipis and squid.
There have also been silvers and good size mullet.
Mahers Landing is just about always popular with boaters and land-based anglers and through the week was no exception.
There are very good size gummies being caught on the run in tide.
The better results are when this coincides with early morning before sun rise or at dusk going into night when they will move in closer under the cover of darkness.
Land-based anglers are also happy with their efforts and if the good conditions continue, so too will the fishing.
Judith Strachan and husband John went out in their first new boat last Sunday.
They launched at Mahers Landing and had fun catching mullet and silvers.
They eventually decided to return to the boat ramp and on the way, dropped a line in closer to shore.
Judith says that she has been dying to catch a gummy shark for a couple of years and on Sunday she got her first one, which was undersize and released.
She didn’t have to wait much longer before hooking into a much larger one that was well over the size limit caught on a silver trevally fillet.
Judith says they had a very enjoyable tea and even her pet dog Odin was happy with the backbone. Well done Judith and keep the reports coming to King George.

Shallow Inlet:

Karen Starrett at the caravan park says she hasn’t had any reports but there were a few boats out looking for a fish.
She says one boat broke down and as a result the anglers lost interest in fishing and headed to a local watering hole in disgust.
There have been other reports of silvers, flathead and big mullet being bagged in the inlet as well as a sprinkling of whiting.
These back up other reports that have been coming to King George and it should not be long before the season gets into full swing and there will be smiles all around.
For those not familiar with this area, there is a bragging board where fish photos can be displayed at Shallow Inlet and although it has not been in operation very long, there is already a fair array of photos on display.


Craig is the manager of the Yanakie caravan park and says the conditions were great over the weekend with quite a few boats out on the water trying their luck.
He says there have been a variety of quality bags being taken, which is good news.
Flathead, trevally and good size whiting have been making up most bags.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boat shed is that over the weekend there were boats everywhere and most seem to be bagging snapper that were to the 5.5kg mark.
The fish were taking a variety of baits with pilchards and squid producing the best results.
There were also good numbers of gummies being caught at the entrance where they were to the 1.5 metre mark.
The Franklin Channel was also producing plenty of snapper and gummies.
The jetties have been fairly productive as far as land-based anglers are concerned.
Silvers, mullet, flathead and salmon have been making up most bags with the run in tide the best time to wet a line.
It appears that the squid numbers were down but that can change quickly at this time of year.

Port Albert:

The good fishing continues according to Ron Killury who runs the local general store.
Snapper have been in very good numbers to the 5kg mark and taking pilchards, squid and fish fillets that have also attracting seven-gill sharks and gummies.
The local jetties have been popular with landbased fishers who have been catching flathead, silvers, mullet and the occasional whiting that are taking a variety of baits such as pipis, squid and chicken strips soaked in fish oil.
Outside the entrance the situation is also positive in around the 20 metre mark where snapper have been caught along with big flathead and gummy sharks.
Rob says the season has started early and all the signs are great and already there are many visitors visiting the area.
Geoff Lipscombe, a local fishing legend, has been commercial fishing all his life and now has decided to use his boat as a charter.
He is in the process of getting it ready for the coming season and it would be fair to say that with his experience fishing wise there would be no better skipper to have out on the water to conduct a charter.

Lakes Entrance:

Good size salmon are being caught in Reeve Channel and biting on pilchards and off the beach.
Trevally are still being caught off the town jetties.

Lake Tyers:

Water in the lake has warmed up with flathead taking a variety of lures including soft plastics in the shallow as well as deeper around Long Point.
Bream have been landed around Trident Point and the power lines on peeled prawns.

Mitchell River:

Bream are active from Shadoof Lodge to the Point. Spider crab and prawns and crab are the best of the baits.
The highway bridge area is producing estuary perch that are taking a variety of vibes.

Tambo River:

Marshall Flat to the entrance has been good for beam that are taking prawns, sand worms and crabs.


Bream are biting in deep water under the highway bridge. Sand worm and prawn seem to be the best of the baits.


Some bream have been landed around Shaving Point and the jetty at Bancroft Bay. Peeled prawn and sandworm seem to the best of the baits.


The Melbourne side of the strait is producing bream on sandworm.
The jetties have luderick being caught on weed. Salmon and mullet are being caught on lures sand worm.

Hollands Landing:

The woodpile area and McLennon Strait has been producing good numbers of bream where sand worm and peeled prawn seem to be producing best results.


Both rivers have perch being caught in good numbers that are taking sandworms around the snags.
Plenty of bream, mullet and perch are in good numbers up to the highway bridge in the Snowy River.
Gummy shark and flathead are also being caught off shore.

Bemm River:

The channel, lake and river have large bream being caught in pleasing numbers on vibes, sandworms. There have also been reports of deep diving lures taking tailor also in pleasing numbers.

Tamboon Inlet:

The jetty at the campsite has been very good for quality bream being taken on prawns and sandworms.
The bottom lake has tailor and flathead being taken on lures.


The bottom lake has bream and flathead and tailor taking a variety of hard bodied lures.
The river and top lake are holding good numbers of bream.
Lazer lures have been doing the job on salmon at the entrance.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

The reports have all been about snapper this week despite the few days of very ordinary weather in the middle of the week.
Once the front had blown through the bay settled down and by the end of the week the boats were back on the water and the snapper reports started coming in.
Most of the reports came from The Corals area but I did get some quality reports of pan sized pinkies from in Cleeland Bight as well.
The problem was as usual trying to find the right spot on the right tide and that was something I found out first hand on Saturday night.
Luke and his partner Sheridan came down and Melanie and I headed out with them to fish the change of tide on The Corals.
We started in the deeper end as we sounded up some good fish but had no luck and decided to move up to the shallower end for the change of tide and light.
After about 15 minutes Melanie managed a pinkie around 45cm but sadly that was it and at around 10pm they dropped us back at San Remo as they were staying out all night.
Luke headed towards Elizabeth Island looking for a gummy and before I could get home he had sent two photos of 60-plus centimetre snapper and had dropped another two.
Luke said the fish continued for the next hour or so and they returned most to the water.
They had a bit of a sleep and started fishing just before light in the same place and the snapper continued with a fish every 10 minutes or so for the next few hours.
Luke said the sizes were mixed at times from 40cm to 80cm and even changing to very large baits for a gummy made no difference.
The wind was from the east, the moon was bright, the tide change was still some time off, the boat wasn’t sitting all that well because of the wind and tide, the barometer was falling and a boat 100m from them only managed a couple of fish so I guess you don’t necessarily need a lot more than luck and being in the right spot at the right time to catch fish.
Apart from Saturday night several larger snapper were caught Thursday and Friday as well but a lot of small pinkies around 30cm and below showed up.
The pinkies were mainly on that central part of The Corals with the bigger ones around the edge and even on the mud towards Coronet Bay.
Snapper were also caught on the Newhaven Jetty but more surprisingly the San Remo Jetty out-fished it this week.
It was mostly pinkies caught from the jetties this week and I didn’t hear of anything over 2kg.
The baits have been very mixed both from the land and boats with pilchards and squid leading the way but reports also came from those using saurys, couta, cuttlefish, salmon, tuna and garfish.
Whiting remain fairly allusive and I didn’t have a lot of reports from during the week but the reports that I did have were of excellent quality.
I did see a few smaller whiting this week and some that didn’t have a lot of condition on them but it was only a few.
Those who caught whiting were a fair way from bagging out but with many of the ones they caught around the 40cm and very thick, the few they caught were enough.
Customers said it was hard work and plenty of moves were needed as it was the same above or below the bridge.
Calamari went a bit slow with the bad weather but as the weather came good so did the calamari catches.
Land and boat reports were steady and from the boats those who caught good numbers reported mostly smaller ones, but those who only caught a few seemed to get the bigger ones.
San Remo Jetty seemed hot and cold but by the end of the week from the reports overall it wasn’t a bad week.
It was a bit of a mixture of jig types with a lot of the bigger ones this week caught on baited jigs.
Colours are still a bit of a mystery with everyone having their own favourites as to which are the best, but there was a slight preference towards reds, pinks and oranges this week which is the first time it’s happened this season.