tightlines-21102014Jason caught this 92cm monster on Friday out on Westernport Bay.

By King George

STEPHEN Poole and children Bailey and Karinah are very keen boating and land-based anglers.
Steve takes them out whenever he gets the opportunity and through the week they decided to look for some bream.
Not a bad decision as it turned out, as in short time they had a very impressive bag that were caught on Bass yabbies.
Of course Bailey and Karinah were also very happy and will be at dad to get them out on the water to do it all again.
Through the week it seems that the fish were so thick that fishing tragic, not a bad lawn bowler and all round nice guy Andy Dennis even managed to take home a good bag.
Andy came across 17 very good size but unlucky whiting. He also bagged some unfortunate leather jackets that were caught on squid and pipi teasers.

Wonthaggi Angling Club:

The club held its monthly competition last Sunday with the weigh-in being held at the Angling Club.
There were 32 members and visitors in attendance with fish of the day being black bream.
President Peter Clarke welcomed everyone along and wished them all the best for the coming trip to the Tambo River, which will be held next weekend.
The sponsor for the month was Good Year Auto Care Wonthaggi.
Shaun Thompson won the senior male section, with a 640gm bream for 2300 points.
The junior female section winner was Cheyenne Sharples with an 850gm trevally for 170 points.
Alan Bentick won the veteran section with a 1.110 kg bream for 5500 points.
The next competition will be on Sunday, November 16.


The numbers of boaters and land-based anglers has been on the increase and they have not been disappointed with a very good mixture of fish being caught on natural baits and lures.
Just inside the entrance there has been many land-based anglers trying their luck on both sides of the tide.
Mullet, salmon, silvers and reasonable size whiting have been caught in good numbers.
Andrew Highett, visiting from Melbourne with a couple of mates, decided to try his luck near the Bathing Boxes.
Andrew said there was not a breath of wind and they managed to get into some very nice size salmon, silvers and very good size whiting that were all caught on pipis and squid strips.
As has been the case for some time at Pensioners Corner the fishing has also been going along quite well with best results being at low water when there is not too much current.
There have been plenty of land-based anglers trying their luck off the jetties but it would be fair to say there has been plenty of water mixed in with the fish.
Mullet and salmon have been making most bags as well as some silvers where the best results have been on the run in tide.
Further up towards Mahers Landing there have been positive results with land-based anglers and boaters doing well on a variety of baits and lures.
Mullet, flathead and silvers have been making up most bags with the occasional gummy shark making an appearance as the run in tide nears its peak.

Port Welshpool:

Over the weekend snapper numbers have really exploded.
The Boat Storage has had plenty returning with many reds being to the 8kg mark and even unconfirmed reports of them being to 12kg.
There has also been the odd gummy shark being landed as well as plenty of salmon.
The jetties have been good as far as reasonable size flathead, silvers and salmon are concerned.
There has been mullet sighted but for some reason it seems that they refuse to take anything that is dangled in front of them.
For those interested, snapper, can live in excess of 100 years and are very slow growing.
There was one caught on September 1, 2007 that was 935mm long – it was 40 years and 10 months old and weighed in at 85 pounds on the old scale or 38.5kg.
A small percentage of them will turn into females during their lifetime and the familiar hump occurs in both males and females.

Port Albert:

Through the week the weather was a bit on the blowy side and according to Rob Killury, who runs the general store, many boats decided not to brave the elements.
John McFayden from Rye decided to try his luck with a mate Matt Lawson and they had a look around the Sunday Island area.
There was a bit of a battle for a fish but they managed a few whiting and flathead in spite of a very fresh wind but they were reasonably happy with their returns and will be back to do it again.
There have also been other reports of quality whiting being caught on both sides of the tide inside the entrance.
Quality flathead and snapper are also being bagged on a variety of presentations and with the water temperature on the rise, the fishing will only get better.

Corio Bay:

Taking a run toward Point Wilson last week, Gary Espig was hoping for a snapper, but he had to wait until around 8pm for big red to show up when a snapper of 5kg took his pilchard.
All was quiet after that though and after another hour or more without a bite, Gary was about to give it away for the night when another one of his pilchards was taken, this time by an 8kg beauty. Thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

Lakes Entrance:

The footbridge is producing trevally on pilchard.
Salmon and trevally have been landed in Reeve Channel and off the wall at Kalimna using hard bodied lures.
The odd King George whiting has been taken in North Arm.

Lake Tyers:

Flathead and bream are biting at Mill Point and in Toorloo Arm, on prawn and soft plastics.
Luderick and trevally are around the entrance on an incoming tide. Try pipi and sandworm, as they seem to be producing the best results.

Mitchell River:

Bream have schooled around Shadoof Lodge, with prawn, spider crab and sandworm taking fish.

Tambo River:

Bream to 45cm have been caught at blue holes and the cliffs, using peeled prawn and sandworm.


Good size bream are active opposite the Caravan Park. Sandworm and prawn are best baits.


Chinamans Creek is producing mullet and bream on spider crab and sandworm. Best results have been after sunset.


Luderick are still around the King Street boat ramp.
A few flathead are in the strait striking soft plastics.
The beach has salmon and gummies having a taste.

Hollands Landing:

The boat ramp on McLennan Strait has been good for bream, on crab and prawn.


Plenty of luderick, bream, mullet and estuary perch are in the Snowy River as far as Lake Corringle. Diving lures, prawn and sandworm are getting best results.
The entrance has salmon and tailor in fairly good numbers.

Bemm River:

The entrance is closed, but could be opened this week after a fair bit of rain. However, fishing has been good, with bream and flathead in the channel, taking hard bodied lures, prawn and sandworm.

Tamboon Inlet:

The jetty and mud point have been the best spots for bream, mullet and flathead. Soft plastics and prawn have been the best of the presentations.


Large beam have been landed in the Top Lake, on yabbies and prawn.
The main wharf has luderick on weed. The occasional flathead has been caught on soft plastics.
The beach has plenty of salmon.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

THIS week again was all about snapper and plenty of them for those who were in in the right place at the right time.
There was a real mixture of sizes reported this week with plenty undersize pinkies in the bay and a lot more of the 2kg to 4kg ones as well.
There were still some quality snapper caught and we had some good photos sent through to the shop Facebook page especially over the weekend.
There was very little consistency though and the reports came from all over the place and all through the tides or times of the day.
Baits were the same and reports came in of plenty of different baits being used.
One thing that seemed to be common to a lot of the reports was for as many as were caught just as many were dropped, some off very good runs as well.
With the exception of a couple of the reports it had nothing much to do with gear or rig failure just simply the fish only mouthing the bait and a bit of bad luck that the fish probably picked up the bait from the wrong side of the hook.
The best of the reports over the weekend came from those who picked a spot and just waited and waited whereas those who moved around a lot seemed to miss out.
Dennis found this out fishing the same spot as Luke fished last week.
Dennis dropped in on the run in tide in the early hours of the morning and fished till the middle of the afternoon.
The fishing was good and he was kept busy all day but said there was enough time in between fish for a coffee.
By the end of their session, Dennis and his two mates had bagged out on snapper between 3kg and 6kg as well as landing two quality gummies.
They also caught a few rays, salmon and undersized flathead and the dozen or so snapper they returned were all around the 4kg mark.
Land based snapper reports were a bit quieter this week with only a few from the Newhaven Jetty.

Whiting were somewhat more difficult to find and only a handful were reported for the week with most coming from Dickies Bay.
The quality was the same as it has been for the last few weeks and well worth the effort even if you were only getting a couple to take home.
There wasn’t a lot of pattern to the whiting either with most caught by those on their way home from their snapper fishing and not necessarily by someone going out to just target them, so that is probably the more accurate reason for not many reports.

There were a couple of very small windows of opportunity during the week to head off shore and chase a flathead.
The problem was the flathead were just as hard to find and although those who did get out found a feed, it was only enough for one night.
There are plenty of silver whiting in close at the moment and the odd couta and schools of salmon both good baits.
I had a report to the shop during the week from a couple of weeks ago of some arrow squid showing up in the deeper water off the Cape.
Although there are plenty of small flathead in the bay, there seems to be several of them that are finally growing up and each week someone comes in to report catching one or two around the 40cm mark.
It also pays to know your flathead as one customer found out.
When fishing in the channel near the top light he caught one that was almost 60cm long.
Thinking it was a dusky flathead and knowing that there was a max size limit, but unsure what it was, he decided to throw it back.
After he described it and working out it was in fact a rock flathead, one of the best eating flathead, he was understandably disappointed he didn’t check on the difference between them.
The flathead you most commonly catch around here are: blue spot (yank) and rock flathead in the bay; blue spot or tiger offshore with the occasional dusky from offshore.
From the time we have been in the shop I haven’t had a dusky reported from in the bay.
That’s not to say they can’t be there – they’ve just never been reported.
Apart from the colour with rock flathead and the teeth with the tiger, look at the tail as dusky have one spot; blue spot have several spots or as fisheries calls them ‘blotches’.

Cup Weekend is just around the corner and with the great start to the snapper season we have had I would expect there to be plenty out on the bay over that period.
The shop will be opening at 6am every day for those who like to beat the crowds.
We will also be open early on Friday morning for those fishing in the Tea Tree Competition and closing late Friday night.
I have the freezer stocked with our new frozen minced berley blocks and already have several orders.
For those who like to cube we have been able to buy some boxes of blue sardines which we are selling in 5kg and 10kg boxes.
Give me a call at the shop or drop in to see me to secure your bait or berley needs.


The snapper are in

THE Venus Bay Angling Club held its monthly comp on October 10, 11 and 12.
Some great fish were caught with a couple of flatties over 50cm and over 1kg each, along with some nice perch and silver trevally.
But the appearance of some really nice pinkies/snapper for first and second prize got all of those present at weigh-in very happy indeed.
Prize winners were:
1st: Michael De Hamer – Snapper, 2320g for 1160 points.
2nd: Tyrone Nebel – Snapper, 1680g for 840 points.
3rd: Kerry Field – Silver trevally, 1020g for 816 points.