tightlines-281014Wonthaggi angler Stephen Poole was very happy with his 7kg snapper.

By King George

THE up and down conditions have had the start stop effect on boaters and landbased anglers but there have been enough encouraging reports to believe that we are in for a great summer season.
Once again there have not been any reports in relation to salmon but they are probably not that high on the priority list.


There have been good numbers of boaters and landbased anglers trying their luck in the very good conditions.
Inside the entrance there have been landbased anglers trying their luck and have been pleased with their returns.
Although not in great numbers there have been quality whiting that have been to the 35cm mark and taking Bass yabbies, pipis and squid and small strips of pilchard.
King George came across a local fisherman and family who had a nice size silver for their efforts and hopeful of an improvement as the run out tide continued.
There were quite a few other landbased anglers trying their luck but there was plenty of water mixed in with the fish.
The jetty at Inverloch had quite a few anglers wetting a line but there was only the occasional mullet and salmon being caught and no doubt the heavy boating traffic might have scared the fish into deeper water or parts where it was not so busy.
Further up towards Stevies Gutter there has been reasonable sized whiting being bagged and landbased anglers were also doing quite alright on a variety of baits including Bass yabbies, squid and pipis.
The area out the front of the A frame house has also been busy with silvers and salmon making up most bags.
Maher’s Landing is also worth a visit where were reports of smallish gummy sharks being caught mainly on the run in tide.
Mullet, flathead and coutta have also been caught by boaters and landbased anglers and it would seem that a visit to the area could be well worthwhile.

Tarwin River:

There have been quite reasonable numbers of perch being caught from the highway bridge to the boat ramp where they have been to the 35cm mark.
As well as perch there have been silvers and mullet making an appearance.
The best time seems to be on the run out tide where there have also been eels for those interested.
The area known as the rock wall near the entrance has also been producing perch and silvers where the run out tide as usual seems to be the best time to wet a line.

Shallow Inlet:

There was a gummy shark competition over the weekend but it appears that there wasn’t one caught to greet the weigh master.
There was however a very good size seven gill shark that was bagged as well as quite good numbers of whiting which is a great sign for the coming season.
There was only a slight hindrance it appears as there was plenty of weed in the water but also plenty of fish and that was the good part.

Port Welshpool:

Over the weekend the good conditions attracted plenty of boats and most were not disappointed.
The most sought after fish was snapper and they are in very good numbers and size being to the 8kg mark, which would please just about any anglers.
There was none of the weed that was at Shallow Inlet, which was good news and boaters were generally happy with many bagging out on the reds.
Good numbers of gummy sharks were also caught and although there would no doubt plenty of whiting in the Lewis Channel there were no reports.
Probably because most boaters were after snapper but they will still be there waiting patiently.
On the other side of the inlet at Yanakie there have been good reports of quality flathead, gummy sharks and whiting.
The Bennison Channel has been one of the most successful places to wet a line and with the rising summer temperatures the fishing will also improve.

Port Albert:

The weather through the week had been very good with quite a few boaters trying their luck.
There have been good numbers of snapper caught inside the entrance as well as flathead, silvers and good size gummies making the effort worthwhile.
The jetties have been very popular with landbased anglers where flathead, silvers and garfish are in good numbers along with squid that are also making the effort worthwhile.
The best time has been on the last half of the run in tide.


On Friday evening, Murray Scott and son Darcy took a run out off Avalon looking for snapper, but although they picked up some promising signals on the sounder, none of their offerings were taken.
Never the less, they persisted into the night hoping that the high tide change would bring results.
They boated their first fish as the tide changed at around 9.30pm and by 11.30 pm they had their bag limit of snapper from four to 6kg using squid for bait. Many thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

Lakes Entrance:

Bullock Island and the Entrance are producing salmon and blue throated wrasse on metal lures, prawn and blue bait.
The odd leatherjacket has also been caught. School and a few king George whiting are in deep water around Nungurner.

Lakes Tyers:

Large flathead have been landed in Blackfellows and Toorloo Arm, on soft plastics. Bream are active between number two Jetty and the Channel Markers, with a few trevally as well. Try peeled prawn and mussel.

Mitchell River:

Bream are working their way up to the Highway Bridge and the Backwater, with prawn, shrimp and spider crab the best bait.
A few estuary perch are striking green diving lures.

Tambo River:

The Lucerne Paddock area has bream biting on prawn and sandworm.


The Highway Bridge to Pear Tree is the best spot for bream, using sandworm and shrimp.


The jetties around the Hotel have bream taking prawn and sandworm.


Bream up to 1.2Kg are being caught under the jetties on shrimp. Luderick are being landed on weed. Plenty of salmon are being caught off the beach.

Hollands Landing:

Schools of Bream and Mullet are around the “Wood Pile” area in the strait. Best bait is sandworm, prawn and shrimp.


An increase of fresh water in the Snowy River has slowed fishing. However luderick, mullet and bream are being caught from the islands to the entrance. The surf is producing salmon and tailor on lures and pilchard.

Bemm River:

The entrance is open but low tides have decreased water in the Lake. The channel is still good for bream and flathead, using sandworm and prawn.


Bream have moved up river to Duck Splash. Prawn and shrimp are taking fish.


The Top Lake and Genoa River are good for luderick, bream, trevally and a few flathead. Yabbies prawn and sandworm are getting good results.
The beach has salmon being landed on blue bait and poppers.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

Melbourne Cup weekend is coming up this weekend and it is traditionally the start of the mayhem at the ramps on a weekend, although if you fish out from Corinella you have already had several long waits to get into the water.
Generally the ramps flow reasonably well and all you need is a small amount of patience, but do yourself and everybody else a favour and be ready to go when it’s your turn to back down the ramp. There is also a rumour that the fisheries and water police will be out again so it might pay to check your safety gear and your registration is paid.
Check your bag and size limits to ensure you get that right because ‘I am not really sure’ generally won’t work as an excuse.
Your local tackle shop should have the fisheries books or get the fisheries App for your phone but if you are on the water and are not sure a quick call to the tackle shop could save you a considerable amount in fines.

So far this season the weather, although for a few hiccups has been much better than last season and hopefully it will continue for the next few months and if during the week is anything to go by it might also be a hot one.
The winds have tried to get into that easterly direction but thankfully the highs have taken over and pushed it back to the north.
Looking through my diary’s from last season and for most of October the wind made it unfishable and it was cold.
Although we have had some calm days the conditions offshore haven’t been the best with a very messy short choppy sea, not dangerous for the right size boat but uncomfortable to fish.
I have had a couple of customers head out to give it a go and while not coming back with a whole lot to brag about they have managed a good feed of flathead but the best part is most of the flathead were tigers.
There was certainly no big concentration of them and time and distance was needed to find them but half-a-dozen or so 45cm tigers made it worth it.
The best spot seems to be around the 25m line which might have also had something to do with the conditions and people not wanting to push too far out.
There are also some couta showing up, several Slimmeys and yakkas around the cape and a couple of arrow squid.
I haven’t had any snapper or gummies reported from offshore lately but probably more to do with the conditions stopping people getting to the right spots.

Landbased reports have been very scattered over the last month with the snapper running hot for a while from Cowes and Newhaven but they have slowed a little and I am getting more reports of small pinkies now with only the odd bigger one.
I have had some good reports of trevally over the last week or so from Newhaven and a couple of calamari from Cowes.

Both jetties have had plenty of schools of salmon going past and if you are there at that time you can generally get as many as you want with lures being the most effective way of catching them.
There are always the constant reports of stingrays and wrasse and there isn’t a lot you can do about that.
Reports of gummies have been scarce for several months now especially compared to last year but as I said before I think it’s probably more to do with the boating conditions being much better so there aren’t as many on the beaches.
Those fishing the beaches during the day are finding plenty of salmon but not a lot above the 1kg mark, even customers that are using lures aren’t finding a lot over the 1kg.

Although I haven’t had many whiting reports to the shop I have seen several boats very early in the morning and again in the evening sitting on the edge of the channel towards Dickies Bay.
I have heard from other people that have seen them come back to the ramp that the esky although not full have had some very respectable size whiting in them.
From those who have given me reports Reef Island has been the best but there are a lot of smaller ones amongst the size ones.
Below the bridge in Cleeland Bight is still very hot and cold but again the quality is excellent. Both above and below the bridge the reports are better from the deeper water.

It’s all about the snapper again this week and it seems they are well and truly on the chew with far too many reports coming in to list them all.
The best area again was in the channel along French Island both in the deeper part of the channel and on the bank on the island side.
There were however reports from all over the place and if I had 20 reports 15 of them were caught in different areas.
Deep, shallow there hasn’t been any other pattern other than evening or night time has been far better.
The only pattern to the reports apart from night time has been in areas like the corals, which is a huge area they seem to be in reasonable small schools because almost everybody that caught fish had someone close to them that caught nothing.
Pilchards and squid accounted for most of the catches with several others caught on couta fillets.

The shop will be opening at 6am every day over the cup weekend for those who like to beat the crowds.
We will also be open at 6am on Friday morning for those fishing in the tea tree competition and closing around 7pm Friday night.
I have the freezer stocked with our new frozen minced berley blocks in 3kg, 6.5kg and 10kg.
For those who like to cube we have been able to buy some blue sardines which we are selling in boxes of 5kg at $15 and 10kg at $25.
Give me a call at the shop or drop in to see me to secure your bait or berley needs for the Cup weekend also to put in orders for the upcoming Mako season.