tightlines-7102014Yarra Junction angler Steve Bore with a nice snapper caught off San Remo through the week.

By King George
THE recent spell of great weather has brought the fish on with a vengeance and if the conditions continue there will be smiles all around.
Whiting have been caught on a variety of baits along with flathead, snapper and gummy sharks that are all pointing to a great season ahead.
King George along with Rod Lyttle and son Taj had a great day on the whiting at San Remo and finished the day with fish that were to the 40cm mark and caught on pilchards and pipis.
There was also a healthy mix of salmon, mullet as well as leather jackets that made for a fairly impressive bag of fish.
Stephen and Bailey Poole have been doing very well through the week on snapper.
There was a lull in proceedings at one stage and Bailey decided to change bait.
He put on a prawn and was not very hopeful but to his surprise along came a very nice size gummy and he was happy.
Steve Bore made the trip from Yarra Junction and among a nice bag of fish was a very impressive snapper that was caught off San Remo on the flood tide that was estimated to be around the 8kg mark and appeared to be in great condition.


There have been very good reports from the local beaches where salmon have been in big schools to the 1.5kg mark.
Tony Jackson was very happy with his efforts when he and a couple of mates decided to try their luck off Williamsons beach through the week on the run in tide.
They had a variety of baits, which included white bait, salted pipis and squid.
They arrived about half way up the run in tide through the week and Tony said there were a few others trying their luck.
There was not long to wait before there was an enquiry and shortly afterwards a 1kg salmon was on the beach.
Other similar size fish followed this and over a few hours they managed to bag out on the torpedo fish to the 1.5kg mark.
The beach at Cape Paterson has also been popular with visiting anglers where salmon seem to be in very good numbers along with a sprinkling of flathead, mullet and tommy roughs.


Through the week there have been many anglers trying their luck with most having something to take home.
Just inside the entrance near the bathing boxes there have been anglers catching salmon that have at times arrived in schools.
The reports to King George have been that they are taking just about anything that is thrown into the water-which included whitebait, silver fish, pipis and Bass yabbies.
There have been reports that when a school does arrive the fish are often to the 500gm mark, which makes them great on the table.
Pensioners Corner, which is nearby, has also had plenty of land-based anglers trying their luck where the best results have been on the run in tide.
Although there have been very good bags of fish being caught throughout the week there was not a great deal of success at the jetty.
Plenty of hopefuls were wetting a line but the fish weren’t very interested.
Stevies Gutter had quite a few boaters trying their luck where there had been a few perch landed mainly on the run out tide.
Bas yabbies seem to have been the best of the baits where there was also a few good size whiting and flathead bagged.
Just out from the A Frame house near Mahers Landing there have been, according to Andrew Hoarding, good numbers of salmon, silvers and flathead being caught on the flood tide.
Andrew said he and a mate had a productive couple of days through the week where they caught some very good size salmon on surface lures.
They then went further up above Mahers Landing where they managed to get into some flathead and a 3kg pinkie snapper which capped off a very worthwhile couple of outings in great conditions.

Shallow Inlet:

At the time of this report there had been quite good numbers of salmon being caught on various natural baits and surface lures.
The fish have been to the 3kg mark and of course fish this size are renowned for their fighting abilities.
There has been a few whiting making an appearance, which is further good news where they have been taking Bass yabbies, pipis and squid.
Gummy sharks have also have been featuring in reports where they are being caught on pilchards, fish fillets and squid baits.

Lakes Entrance:

Salmon and striped tuna are being caught near the entrance on pilchard.
Some trevally have been off the town jetties and Kalima jetty on metal lures and prawns.
The beach is producing salmon on silver lures and pilchards.

Lake Tyers:

Bream are being caught near the glass house at high tide on peeled prawns.
Tailor are taking prawns near both arms at high tide.
Some whiting have been taken off number 2 jetty at night on sand worms.

Mitchell River:

Good size trout are being caught on scrub worms around Lindenow.
Bream have been active between the area known as grassy banks and the mouth where crab and prawn seem to be the best of the baits.

Tambo River:

Bream are taking local prawn and sandworm from the rough road to Sandy Bluff.


The river mouth to Pear Tree seems to be the best area for bream where sand worm and prawn are the best of the baits.


Bream, trevally and mullet are being caught off the Lake King jetty and the boardwalk.
The best baits are pipis, worms and silver lures.


There have been good numbers of tailor having a taste in the Newlands Arm and around the Raymond Arm jetty.
The King Street boat ramp has bream in good numbers that are being caught on worms.
A few salmon and mullet have been landed on sandworm and a variety of lures.

Hollands Landing:

Bream and mullet are being caught between Jones and Bull Bay. Prawn and sand worm are the best baits.


Estuary perch, bream, luderick and mullet are being caught in both rivers on sandworm and plastic lures.
The beach has salmon and tailor and offshore there are good numbers of gummies and flathead.

Bemm River:

There are good numbers of trevally in the channel and the lake has good size bream that are being caught on prawn and sand sandworm.

Tamboon Inlet:

Fishermans Landing has schools of bream and mullet that are taking sand worm and prawn.


The top lake has been good for bream where most have been above 40cm. There are also good numbers of tailor and flathead have been landed on prawn and hard bodied lures.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

WITH more typical school holiday weather those with boats had to wait until Friday to get a decent amount of time on the water.
There were the odd few times during the week but generally the wind was too strong and didn’t ease off till Friday.
Because many couldn’t get out in the boats, they tried their hand at land based and I had some very good reports, especially from the jetties.
Overall Newhaven was the best with half a dozen good reports of snapper this week, plenty of salmon, mullet and a couple of gummies.
The jetty at San Remo produced its usual calamari – a bit on the smaller side this week, and Cowes jetty also had a mixed bag similar to Newhaven.
Calamari was also from the beach in Cleeland Bight and salmon from the surf at Woolamai.

Once the wind started easing on Friday several took to the water in the boats and plenty finished work early and by 5pm there wasn’t a lot of room at the boat ramps.
Those who put in the hard yards Friday night or more accurately the very early hours of Saturday morning were rewarded with some very good fish.
The better snapper reports for the week came from the Rhyll/Silverleaves area from 9m to 16m of water.
Most of the reports I had over the weekend were of snapper around 4kg to 5kg.
I had a few reports of snapper around the 6kg+ and several pinkies, even some undersized ones already.
Apart from the Rhyll area, I had reports from all over the bay in the usual spots, the Corals, Elizabeth Island, Cleeland Bight and even some not so usual spots; I had another report from Dickies Bay of a snapper around 3kg, a couple of reports from Boys Home Channel of small ones and even a report from the mud at Coronet Bay.
A few reports are starting to come in from my kayak customers mostly from Cleeland Bight and water as shallow as 1.5m of water caught on their whiting gear.

Land based and from the reports I had, Newhaven Jetty was the best with all those reported caught about one hour before the tide change.
The best one reported this week wasn’t weighed but estimated at about 6kg and judging by the photo, it wouldn’t be far from that with the rest around 2kg to 4kg.
Other land based snapper came from Cowes Jetty, no standout ones this week that were reported but respectable fish at 3kg to 4kg and one report that was somewhat of a surprise caught off the beach at the Newhaven caravan park.

There were some good schools of salmon in the bay this week and several customers did very well catching plenty from San Remo and Newhaven jetties.
There wasn’t a lot of size to them but plenty of numbers in the school and at one stage on Saturday all I could see out the window was people at Newhaven standing shoulder to shoulder.
Many were caught on lures but not everyone was using lures and baits worked just as well.
There were a couple of gummies caught from Newhaven as well this week but only one was a keeper.
Mullet, pike and the usual rays and draughtboards make up the rest of the reports.

Whiting reports were all over the place this week and the only thing consistent to all the reports was the condition of the whiting, which was excellent.
They are all going heavy for their length at the moment and when you do find them they are in good numbers but they seem to be very flighty and keeping them at the boat was difficult.
If you are prepared to put in the time and miles there is a good chance of getting to double figures of good fish but don’t expect it to be easy.
Those who did the best this week were fishing either end of the day and some of the better reports came from those using fresh calamari.
There is still a considerable amount of unwanted fish in the whiting areas and you will catch plenty of leatherjackets and toadies.