We are writing on behalf of concerned residents at Walkerville.
With the number of near misses with the double T tipper trucks coming through Walkerville township (100 were counted between 5.30am and noon on a Friday recently), we are concerned that with the frequency and speed of these trucks and the sometimes disregard for other motorists on the narrow roads, there will be a human fatality.
There have already been a number of koala day time fatalities which has been unheard of in the area until the last few months.
As there is not a footpath bordering the main roads accessing the estate from both directions, elderly walkers, mothers with prams and children are also often walking along the main roads which these large trucks now travel on.
The tremendous noise these trucks make as they break and accelerate on the corner of Acacia Street and the Tarwin Road is distressingly loud to a number of residents nearby.
1) For how much longer will these trucks be running in large numbers through the estate?
2) Could the noise level please be monitored by the EPA on the corner of the Walkerville/ Tarwin Road as it is extremely loud and distressing to residents.
3) Could a temporary 50km speed sign please be placed along the roads from the Tarwin Lower side of the Cape Liptap Road through to the Fish Creek side of the Promontory Views Estate?
The repeated noise and dangers these trucks pose are creating considerable anxiety and stress to local drivers and residents around the Walkerville Views Estate.
Geoff Waters, Anne Terrell, Walkerville Ratepayers Association.