editors letterVICTORIA isn’t the only place where people are looking at an important election over the next few weeks.
All across America, on Tuesday this week, voters are being given the opportunity to lodge a ballot in the important mid-term elections.
Unlike the system of compulsory voting we have in Australia, eligible people in the US don’t have to vote and they are expecting the turnout to be well down on the typical response of 40 per cent.
Young people are expected to participate at even lower rates, down around the 23 per cent mark.
And one gets the impression that the rate of engagement with the Victorian election, scheduled for November 29, is similar to that only disguised by the fact that we have to vote here.
As it stands, there is next to no interest in the election so far in the general community when there is so much, potentially, at stake.
But who can blame them when they see such a cynical approach taken by our MPs and candidates.
After years of inactivity, in the first two to three years of the present Parliamentary term, they suddenly come to life.
There are dozens of projects announced, and don’t get us wrong, they’re welcome, plus there are many more promises made for things like a revamped surf lifesaving club at Cape Paterson, new fire station at Cowes, further funds for the Bass Highway and a plan for the development of Port Welshpool… if you vote for us.
But, with the footy finals not long ago and all the interest now on the Spring Carnival, is any of it actually cutting through to the voters? We suspect not.
The whole system is cockeyed and it’s time for a change. Not the sort of change that the great, late iconic figure of Australian politics, Gough Whitlam wanted to see in 1972.
We want to see the whole approach of our MPs change from the exhaustingly combative approach they have adopted these days to one that focuses on the policies rather than the politics and the personalities.
Where are we going as a state and as a country? Should there be more emphasis on science, education and the arts than there is on sport?
Have you actually heard a politician try to enunciate a vision for this country that we could actually get interested in?
It’s a race to the bottom which no one is winning.
No interest in politics? Who can blame them!