changes-coming-for-korumburra-trafficKorumburra Business Association president David Amor says he is happy work is being done on improving traffic flow in Commercial Street. C184614.

KORUMBURRA’S Commercial Street is expected to undergo work after VicRoads surveyors were spotted in town early last week.
The workers spent time surveying the town’s main street last Tuesday and Wednesday with a VicRoads spokesperson confirming they are working on a project with the South Gippsland Shire Council.
“VicRoads is assisting the South Gippsland Shire Council in initial planning relating to the implementation of some of the initiatives resulting from the Korumburra Town Centre Framework Plan,” the spokesperson said.
Korumburra Business Association president David Amor said he spoke with workers last week who told him that traffic in Commercial Street would be reduced to one lane in the next 30 days.
“They said in the next 30 or so days bollards would be put up in one lane beside the car parks to keep through traffic in the centre of the road,” Mr Amor said.
“They couldn’t tell me if they would be changing it to angle parking on both sides or if the parking would be staying as it is.”
Mr Amor said he understands that several large bollards will be installed, one out the front of the Commonwealth Bank, Auddino First National Real Estate, Kelly’s Bakery, the Korumburra Community Meeting Rooms and the Middle Pub.
“I am glad to see that some progress is being made, but I am concerned that if all the traffic is being moved into the middle of the road then we are going to be getting cars that have to turn left from the right hand lane,” he said.
“To me I can’t quite see how that is going to work, so I hope these bollards are not permanent and are able to be moved around to find a solution that works.
“I do think that it is good that VicRoads is trying something new to improve things for Korumburra.”
VicRoads said the work was not in relation to a bypass of Korumburra, with the spokesperson stating there are still no plans to bypass the town.