Between finishing their VCE exams and Schoolies Week celebrations, Victoria’s latest round of school leavers have plenty to look forward to in coming weeks.
Schoolies is an exciting time for any young person and for many of them it will be the first time they will be going on an extended road trip with friends since gaining their licence.
Given the strong links between inexperienced drivers and road trauma, now is the time to be planning that trip to ensure they get home safely.
Avoiding distraction from mobile phones or other passengers, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and speeding is a good place to start.
As well as being illegal and likely to capture police attention, these things cost lives and nobody wants to see the time of their life turn to tragedy.
Parents also have a role to play in ensuring a safe Schoolies week. If your child is going on a long trip, which for a new driver can be as short as two hours, parents should make sure their children take the family’s safest car and plan rest stops to prevent drowsiness.
For more information on how to help their kids plan a safe and enjoyable Schoolies week, parents should visit the TAC’s new website
Janet Dore, CEO, Transport Accident Commission.