An avalanche of Bass Coast Shire Council (BCSC) propaganda has just hit the mail boxes of property owners in Sunset Strip.
The more accurate costing promised for the planned road and drainage Special Charge Scheme (SCS) has been omitted, while including emotive photographs including a site where the drainage problem has long been rectified by the owner.
Benefits claimed by the BCSC for the scheme include a reduction in dust.
This has been successfully done with the primer seal road surface program which is strongly supported by the Sunset Strip Road Watch Collective (SSRWC).
BCSC obviously agrees because it has just resurfaced roads in Smiths Beach and Rhyll.
Why is BCSC threatening to dig up our roads while applying the primer seal in other areas?
What is the status of the badly deteriorated Dolphin Drive in Smiths Beach?
Is this about to be dug up or resurfaced with primer seal?
BCSC seems to have a double standard and is now bombarding us with the same old bluster, threats and spin all repackaged at a cost to the ratepayer.
We have the ludicrous situation, as reported in the Advertiser last week, of Rhyll residents getting road upgrades they don’t want for free, while other sectors of the community face bills around $20,000.
It cost one young family in a Cowes SCS a decent bathroom!
Many of us can’t even afford to upgrade our old cars let alone the roads.
BCSC appear completely out of touch with the needs and wishes of many people they are meant to serve.
There seems no creative thought or lateral thinking going on with many of these people in power.
Can’t they hear us?
In the last survey, 71 per cent of respondents said they didn’t want the SCS.
We are tired of being threatened to be cut off from any services by the BCSC if we don’t do as they dictate.
Is there a hidden agenda in all this?
Have any promises or commitments been made to third parties to implement these schemes?
Why is the BCSC contribution to these schemes so miniscule and why isn’t it making a strong case for Federal and State Government funding if it is so concerned for its pet projects?
Why has BCSC not sought these funds for rural road improvements?
BCSC’s all-or-punishment approach is becoming very tiresome.
We are urging all residents in Sunset Strip to lodge a comprehensive ‘NO’ to the implementation of the SCS as it now stands.
We believe a review of the SCS is long overdue and we want Sunset Strip included in that review.
Concerned residents can refer to our Facebook page Sunset Strippers for the latest information and to download our ‘NO-vote’ poster for display.
Sunset Strip Road Watch Collective, Sunset Strip.