Jordan_CrugnaleThe Surf Parade Path Extension is an important piece of infrastructure and a priority for the Inverloch.
This path has been identified as a Strategic Cycling Corridor (SCC) and would not be gravel.
It would be a hard surface and users, their mixed and varied needs, longevity, safety, standards re surface and width as to maintenance and cost all factor into the mix and final outcome.
As a SCC there would be a set of non-negotiables especially for securing external funding.
I have had a number of enquiries on how it will be built and its impact on the sensitive coastal environment.
In the interest of the community we want to make sure we build a path that has the best outcome for the environment, is sustainable into the long term, minimises both rate payer and tax payer costs, addresses the identified safety concerns and dangerous crossover points, and meets the needs of the community.
As a competent Council we need to look at all options and have the robust dialogue.
Given our coastal vulnerability we do have a duty of care to think about any future infrastructure investment along our coastline.
We also, at every turn need to look into what is ‘new’ in the market with materials, thinking and alignment. There may be materials out there that could be used without of course compromising the intention of the path itself.
It would be very remiss if options were not explored or presented to Community/Council that did not look at urban design principles and sustainable alternatives.
Cr Jordan Crugnale, Townsend Ward, Bass Coast Shire Council