lucky-escape-from-truck-crashThis truck came to grief in yesterday’s wet weather, two kilometres north of Crightons Road, on a notoriously dangerous section of the Strzelecki Highway. m654715

THE driver of an unladen semi-trailer lost control of his truck on a sweeping bend, north of Leongatha yesterday afternoon and was lucky, according to police, to escape injury.
Leongatha Police had not completed their investigations at the time of going to press, but it is believed that wet conditions were a contributing factor to the accident.
The middle aged driver of the Gippsland Direct truck, based at Bruthen was returning home empty when the accident occurred, two kilometres north of Crightons Road, on the Strzelecki Highway, just before the Tarwin River crossing.
It appears from skid marks at the scene that the driver was heading north when he hit the grass verge on the wrong side of the road, crossed back on to the left side, crashed and came to rest in grass at the side of the road.
The truck was extensively damaged.
Local drivers are aware of a camber problem with these corners and will often slow down in wet weather.
“He’s lucky not to have been injured and we’re even more fortunate that no one was coming the other way,” said Leading Senior Constable Pat Hamilton.
Leongatha ambulance and tow trucks attended the scene but were not required. Heavy haulage gear was called in to salvage the truck but the highway remained open and generally unaffected by the incident.