It’s a long time since Paul Keating tried to set our sights on becoming the Clever Country.
As reported in mainstream newspapers recently, isn’t it amazing that Australia could be shopping, to buy, rather than build, in our own shipyards, major weapons of war like submarines and destroyers?
So many generations of accumulated skill and knowledge being written off, forever, blamed on reports from high priests of economics, with “free market” (mis)interpretation by Mr Abbott.
How much more amazing can it get than shopping list includes buying from Japan and/or Germany? Jet fighters are craziest.
During WWII, Russia was an ally, as was China, both suffering far more casualties, by a long way, than anybody else.
They were promised funding to rebuild. But the West “chose” to give such money, not to allies, but to enemies, Japan and Germany.
Regardless, Russia is now a strong supplier to other countries in our region, with Sukhoi jet fighters.
They fly three times as far, twice as fast, twice as high, with twice the payload etc etc as American JSFs.
Customers can choose to build, under licence, anywhere up to 100 per cent.
With JSF, small manufacturers here might get to build less than 1 per cent.
Otherwise, JSF is so top secret that even workshop manuals will not be supplied.
Anything more than “grease and oil change” is by Americans only.
Mr Abbott signs us up for $24 billion worth of low performance unproven JSF junk.
Sukhoi is one third the price, already flying, totally tried, tested and proven high performance. Where will Clever Country jobs ever come from, if it’s not Defence?
Can any of Defence, Intelligence, Border Security (and others not even touched by budget cuts) do anything to defend us against ravages of global warming?
September report from Finance Minister, Matthias Cormann, advises that, by Christmas 2015, the supposed basket case economy inherited from Labor, will be made twice as bad, debt and deficit doubled! And they ask us to trust them!
Even Environment Minister Hunt has changed his mind, calling for energy efficiency as the easiest way to reduce CO2 emissions.
But Napthine cancels Efficiency Target in Victoria and still doesn’t cancel ridiculous anti wind farm laws.
Paul Ehrlich, author in 1968 of The Population Bomb, just returned again to Australia, saying he’s been watching Australia, over the years, going out of its way to become a third world country, so much help for miners/commodity traders and so little help to keep breakthrough scientists in Australia, to develop technology here, rather than sell out, for two bob, to other countries.
Don’t expect any progress towards the Clever Country any time soon. Gough made us feel proud and confident. Fearmonger Abbott makes us feel ashamed and helpless.
Bernie McComb, Cowes.