I was heartened to notice over the past months, that dog excrement left on the beach, apparently one of the most dangerous and overwhelming safety issues in this shire (clearly outstripping ice, drugs, alcohol abuse and family violence) – has markedly reduced.
One would need to scour the sands on all fours with a magnifying glass to discover the forgotten turds – as well as having the time and inclination to carry out this onerous and odiferous task.
Clearly, despite no assistance from the council, people are picking up the poo.
However, the attempts by the minority agenda to reduce the quality of life of hundreds of dogs and their families, has definitely impacted in unsettling ways, on the well-being of people in our factional settlement.
Several times in the past few weeks as I leave the beach at 7am (lots to do before work these days thanks), I have been shocked and not a little dismayed by the crude and vicious graffiti that is being regularly chalked in large erratic letters on the benches leading to our pristine shores, at Cuttriss Street entrance.
Judging by the scrawl together with the aggression in the message, whoever is venting in this manner has (got up extremely early!) overlooked the fact that his message is disturbing, crude, vaguely threatening and illegal.
I for one wouldn’t want to meet him when alone on the beach, especially if he is off the leash.
As this debacle further creates vigilantism, spare a thought for the dogs (they are not even on the page) and the hundreds of families in which they live.
Perhaps we can go so far as to carry an extra plastic bag for the person who may have already used theirs, and remind the public that despite the efforts of a minority, dogs are still people’s best friend, and we would be lost (and clearly less safe) without them.
K Chugg, Inverloch.