Bron Dahistrom, we have only lived in Inverloch for eight years during which time we have always had a dog.
We walk along the foreshore with our dog very regularly and hope you would do the same.
During the “seasons” you, like I, would find bottles and litter including dog poo, the former I generally pick up and I would say without a doubt as do many other residents of the village.
During the off season you would find little, if any, of all the aforementioned, as I feel that the residents in our village are, in the majority, responsible people who do the right thing.
I am totally sick of hearing how we as residents should be ashamed of how our village is perceived by visitors.
Maybe the council could ask visitors to pay a small amount to have a dog registered for say, one month, while here, as you have to pay to launch a boat or fish. Then you would find those visitors that are responsible owners and might appreciate what we are trying to do, and also the others that do not give a poo.
This could help finance more patrols to check registrations and catch the real offenders, rather than spend $1000s doing focus groups and have us all be told by you “that we really have to improve this situation”.
We don’t. It’s primarily those who visit our village and do not give a stuff who need to improve.
Trevor Moss, Inverloch.