tightlines-11112014There were plenty of pinkies in the bay as Tate Russell excitedly found out last week. He went fishing with his dad Geoff and caught this pinkie on squid using his whiting rod and a size 1 circle hook just off The Corals in Westernport Bay.

By King George

THE ever-changing weather at this time of year keeps boaters and land-based anglers on their toes.
Wonthaggi angler Wayne Mattock visited a ‘favourite location’ and bagged very good numbers of seven gill and gummy sharks along with big flathead that were taken on a variety of natural baits.
He has a number of marks at this location, which he says he will be visiting more often if his lawn bowls doesn’t improve.


Visiting angler Dan Johnson says he often travels down from Dandenong to fish the beaches at Venus Bay.
On his last trip through the week he caught some good size salmon that were up to the 1.5kg mark. They were taking whitebait on the run in tide.
He also managed to hook into a very big flathead, but thought that it might be a breeder so he released it to swim and fight another day.
There have been reports of success at Williamsons Beach, where as to be expected, salmon has been making up most bags as well as a few flathead, tommy roughs and the occasional gummy shark.
Again the run in tide has been the best time to wet a line.


Over the weekend there were plenty of boaters trying their luck mostly in great conditions.
Outside the entrance out wide there were good numbers of quality flathead making an appearance as well as gummy sharks in the deeper water.
Inside there has been good numbers of mullet making up many bags as well as flathead, silvers and whiting.
Although not in great numbers there has been enough encouragement for boaters to make a return trip as conditions and opportunities allow.
Land-based anglers have been trying their luck at Pensioners Corner and around the Bathing Boxes and most have had something to put on the table.
The area around Stevies Gutter has also been productive where the whiting have been to the 35cm mark and taking pipis, Bass yabbies and small presentations of squid.
Mahers Landing has also been worth a visit where mullet, silvers and flathead have been making up most bags.
Gummies have been mostly to size without being huge and are being caught mainly on the last half of the run in tide.
There have been good size perch taking Bass yabbies as well as squid with a sand worm teaser.
Further up towards the double islands there has been coutta, silvers and flathead being caught on both sides of the tide.
This area can be a bit tricky, especially at low water on the run out tide as unsuspecting boaters can be stuck in the shallows and there can be a fair wait until the incoming water refloats any stranded craft.

Shallow Inlet:

Over the weekend there were numerous positive reports of mullet, whiting, flathead and gummies making an appearance.
Karen Starrett who runs the caravan park with husband Rob says the water temperature is rising after the warm weather but things were a bit windy on the Sunday as was the case in numerous other coastal areas.
The area is on the improve and it seems that the area would be well worth a visit – Karen and Rob will point you in the right direction.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boat storage is that Friday and Saturday saw perfect conditions with boats everywhere and most chasing snapper.
The fish did not let them down as most crews went home with enough of the big reds to make them happy.
Friday and Saturday saw the best of the conditions as the wind got up to an annoying strength and many anglers were blown off their marks.
Gummy sharks were also in good numbers and there was a sprinkling of quality size flathead.
It would appear that although apparently in good numbers, whiting have taken the back seat – there was one report of a boat bagging out on them but that was the only one.
What a luxury we have in this part of the world when fish such as whiting are virtually overlooked but that’s how good the fishing is and the season is just beginning as far as many anglers are concerned.

Port Albert:

Rod Coomber is the managing director of Sunday Island that is a short distance south of Port Albert.
He says there are very good numbers of gummies in excess of 120cm.
He tried his luck outside the entrance over a reef he knows well and after using plenty of berley, managed quite a few gurnard, two good size gummy sharks as well as plenty of those useless skunk sharks.
Hi mate also caught and released a 65cm flathead as well as a 91cm gummy shark.
When arriving back at the boat ramp he noticed quite a few boats with quality gummies.
Through the week there had been other positive reports where land-based anglers have been doing well off the local jetties.
Pleasing numbers of smallish squid have been bagged as well as good sprinkling of flathead, silvers and garfish. The best results have been on the run in tide.

Lakes Entrance:

The footbridge and jetties are producing salmon and trevally on blue bait and hard-bodied lures.
West of Kalimna Jetty King George whiting have been caught in the weed beds.

Lake Tyers:

Large flathead have been taken around Burnt Bridge and Solitude Bay using soft plastics and peeled prawn.
Bream are biting at high tide between No 2 Jetty and the channel markers.
Trevally are active on the run out tide.

Mitchell River:

Bream have been landed from Grassy Banks to the Butter Factory and backwater. Minnow lures and prawn are best bait.


From Pear Tree to the Railway Bridge bream are being caught on prawn and shrimp.


Shaving Point is still the best spot for bream on prawn. A few King George whiting have been taken on pipi.


Luderick are still around the jetties with mullet and bream at the King Street Bridge. Try sandworm, pipi and prawn.

Hollands Landing:

Toms Creek and Jones Bay have bream and estuary perch biting on sandworm and peeled prawn.


Both Rivers have plenty of bream, mullet, luderick and estuary perch. Sandworm and soft plastics are also very effective.
The surf is good for salmon and tailor.

Bemm River:

The Entrance is still open with luderick and salmon in the channel, flathead in the lake and bream in the river. Sandworm, prawn and plastics are best bait.

Tamboon Inlet:

Pelican Point has flathead and bream in the deeper water. Prawn and sandworm are producing fish.


Luderick have been landed at the Fisheries Jetty on weed.
The Top Lake and rivers have flathead, bream and a few trevally prevalent. Poddy mullet, yabbies and soft plastics are best bait.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net .au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

AS usual there was a bit of a hangover from cup weekend with many staying home mowing the lawns on the weekend instead of fishing.
Saturday wasn’t the best forecast but the conditions didn’t turn out all that bad and several got out for an early fish.
Sunday was a much better day and there were a lot out early again but most had disappeared before lunch.
During the week the days were a bit quiet for fish but several put the boat in the water after work for an evening fish which paid off.
There were quite a few people that made a bit of a holiday out of the cup weekend and stayed all week so reports were fairly regular all week and a large mixture of fish.
Snapper were again the main target especially for visitors but a lot of my regular customers are just about over them and are now starting on the whiting or flathead offshore.
Most nights fished well and from almost anywhere with the exception of Friday, the full moon where those that fished deep had success.
The snapper don’t seem to have schooled up at all and everybody is telling me that they are only picking up small schools on the sounders.
They seem to be doing a lot of traveling still with the pattern the same as it has been for the last month – if I get 20 reports they are from 15 different spots.
I had a lot of snapper reported around the 3kg this week and didn’t hear of too many undersized ones.
I also had more big snapper reported this week than for the season so far with reports of four that were released and estimated at 10kg and judging by the photo and the length they wouldn’t be far away.
Although I wasn’t given the exact secret spot, two were from a similar area at the top end of the bay and the other two from Rhyll area.
I also had six reported that were between 7kg and 9kg with most of these coming from the channel near Ram Island the other couple from the shallows at Coronet Bay and one late one from Silverleaves.
Only one report came from in Cleeland Bight this week and it was a decent fish around the 5kg mark.
The land based snapper reports had started to slow but with the extra people around from the weekend the reports started coming in again.
A mixed bag from Cowes Jetty with snapper from 1kg to 6kg and even the time of day or time was all over the place.
Newhaven Jetty only saw smaller ones and 2kg was the best I had reported.
A couple more from the jetty in San Remo but only small at under 1.5kg and I had another half a dozen reported from other land based spots.
Land or boat, the best baits this week were pilchard and squid but they must be getting hungrier because those using whole pilchards or whole USA box squid have done well and not only on bigger fish.
I had one customer using those extra-large pilchards whole and he was catching 4kg snapper that were devouring them without a problem.
The whiting have remained patchy when you find them but very good in quality.
The better reports again this week have come from slightly deeper water and the area around the top light in the main channel has been the best.
The reports from Cleeland Bight were best from my kayak customers who were able to cover a reasonable area drifting slowly across the weed beds.
There was a mixed size in Cleeland Bight and even a few undersized ones but nothing much over 36cm.
A few reports also came from Boys Home Channel on the start of the flood tide.
The other reports of whiting came from Tortoise Head and just down from the Cowes boat ramp.
Calamari reports continue to come in and a lot from different spots this week but not a lot of consistency to any of them.
The San Remo Jetty was either flat out and everyone getting them easily or no one even seeing a sign of them.
The boats reported a bit more consistency and caught them in most spots around Cleeland Bight, Cowes, Tortoise Head, a few from Dickies Bay and the odd one off The Corals from those smart enough to put down a squid jig.


Free fishing comp for kids

CORINELLA’S Boating and Angling Club (CBAC) will be hosting a free Junior Fishing Competition/Try Fishing Day at Corinella Jetty on Saturday, November 23.
The prizes awarded to kids, including a number of encouragement awards, have been donated from a local tackle shop as well as donations from the club and its many members.
Giveways at the event will also include ‘Fishcare’ show bags.
There will be prizes in the following categories: first fish caught, biggest salmon, biggest flathead, biggest mullet, biggest trevally, ugliest fish and smallest fish.
The event is open to children from ages five to 16.
Bait is supplied and some fishing rods and handlines will be available.
Members of the CBAC will be on hand to help kids with their bait and catches.
Parental supervision is appreciated and there’ll be a free sausage sizzle for those who register early.
Children must complete the entry form, which must be signed by a parent or guardian before a child can be allowed to fish in the competition.
Registration is open from 10am on the day and the event runs until 2.30pm.
For more information, contact Kevin Ryan on 0425 720 236.
Entry forms are available on the club’s website: www.corinellafishing.com.au
The club holds a number of fishing events throughout the year for children of Corinella and surrounds to get them involved in recreational fishing in a safe environment.