tightlines-18112014Amanda Kellar has been making the most of the breaks in the weather catching snapper over 5kgs in recent weeks. She’s been targeting the reds around The Corals in Westernport and uses freshly caught squid.

By King Geroge

AMANDA Kellar is a very keen fisher and is on the water whenever the opportunity presents itself.
She has recently returned from a trip chasing tuna and was happy with her efforts as she managed to bag some very good size specimens and is keen to do it all again.
She is also very keen to catch a snapper or two and on another recent trip to Westernport she managed to bag some very good size reds, which made the effort well worthwhile.
Every year at around this time Robbie and dad John Geyer, Steve and Dave and Brian Brann, Ross Yann make the trek to Tamboon Inlet to try their luck.
They always have varying degrees of success but this year was something different in that this was their best.
The crew caught very good numbers of bream and flathead.
Of course there is usually someone who will do something out of the ordinary and this trip was no exception.
Although they had a number of boats, next year they will be taking an extra one for Steve ‘Ossie’ Brann.
Ossie was the skipper of one of the crews but on a number of occasions managed to run into sand bars both to and from fishing destinations.
His mates found this hard to understand and frustrating, as the banks were easy to see but Ossie must have thought that the motor might make a good plow; there was no harm done but at the end of the trip there was an unanimous vote Ossie be given the title of ‘Captain Stupidity’, and given a boat all to himself.


The fine conditions have seen good numbers of land-based anglers trying their luck and having varying amounts of success.
As to be expected, salmon have been making up most bags where they have been to the 2kg mark along with the occasional gummy shark and flathead.
A few Tommy roughs have also been bagged with best results being on the run in tide.
Beyond the breakers, boaters have been catching good numbers of flathead and pinkies to 2kg which are great on the table.


The inlet has been very popular as far as land-based anglers and boaters have been concerned.
Right throughout the inlet there have been good numbers of quality flathead, silvers, mullet and whiting that have been taking the usual baits.
Stevies Gutter has been popular where boaters have been catching reasonable numbers of perch on the run off tide.
There has also been whiting to the 36cm mark that have been caught on Bass yabbies, squid and pipis.
The area in front of the A Frame house has also been productive on both sides of the tide with mullet, silvers, flathead and gummies making an appearance.
Mahers Landing has also been good as far as land-based anglers have been concerned with mullet and flathead making up most bags.
On the second half of the run in tide there have been reasonable size gummies being caught along with quite a few small undersize ones, which of course must be thrown back.

Wonthaggi Angling Club:

The club held its monthly competition last Sunday and the weigh-in was held at the clubrooms.
There were about 25 members and visitors in attendance who were welcomed by president Peter Clarke.
The event was sponsored by Phillip Island Marine and fish of the month was flathead which carried double points.
The winner of the senior male section was Shaun Thompson with a 1.1kg bream for 2750 points.
The junior female section winner was Tahlia Sharples with a 610gm bream for 1525 points.
Peter Clarke won the veterans section with an 890gm bream for 2225 points.
There were no other sections where fish were recorded.
Next month will be a special weigh-in where Santa Claus will be making the presentations.
President Peter would like to see as many members and visitors as possible to come along and make the occasion a successful one.

Shallow Inlet:

Karen and Andrew Starrett run the local caravan park and of course keep up to date with the fishing action.
Over the weekend a group had a booking at the park and had a mixed bag as far as the conditions were concerned.
However they did get out on the water and again had a (fishing) mixed bag.
They managed enough whiting, flathead, silvers and pinkies to say that their time wasn’t wasted and will be making a return trip this time next year.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boat storage is the good snapper fishing continues.
There were times when the conditions were quite all right and there was a large school of salmon that decided to make an appearance, which made many boaters happy.
There were a few reports of boats bagging out on snapper but most had to be content with just one or two fish each but they were quality fish.
For some reason it appears that while everyone seems to be chasing snapper, no one has worried about whiting which is strange but such is their choice.
There was however a sighting of a large white pointer shark.
The big fellow didn’t cause any drama and was content to just have a swim around for a while and eventually disappeared beneath the waves for parts unknown.

Port Albert:

There have been quite a few squid making an appearance around the jetties and even though they have been a bit on the small side they are well worth looking for, as they are great on the table as well as making great bait whether frozen or fresh.
Virtually any fish in the ocean will be tempted and as well as the squid there have been flathead, silvers and mullet being sought.
For those interested there is also the chance of big eels that will take just about anything that is thrown into the water.

Lakes Entrance:

King George whiting and salmon are still being caught in Reeve Channel at Kalimna.
Luderick are being taken off the jetties.
Eastern Beach has good size salmon on metal lures.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

UNFORTUNATELY the weather pattern has changed over the last few weeks and the fine weather we were enjoying on the weekends is now showing up during the week and the wind and rain is showing up on the weekends like we had last November.
Fortunately there are plenty of visitors to the area from around Victoria and interstate so I am still getting reports.
There are plenty of snapper reports coming in of all sizes and in all depths of water but it was pleasing this week to see several more gummy reports; the whiting have improved and the calamari were on fire for a couple of days.
There are several fishermen around at the moment that are a bit lighter in the hip pocket thanks to the water police, fisheries or the parking inspectors.
The fisheries were over at the Newhaven ramp during the week and although most didn’t have a problem he did hand out a few fines.
Most of the problems he had were people with an out of date licence, and undersize gummies with people thinking they are measured overall.
I also heard of one boat that had filleted fish before coming back to the ramp which of course you can’t do on those species that are to be returned whole.
The water police problems were the same and out of date flares and bailing bucket leading the list of problems.
Parking was the usual, with no or out of date tickets, or parking where the signs say ‘no parking’.
Snapper this week seemed to be deep one day and shallow the next and even changing from morning to evening.
I didn’t have quite as many big snapper reported this week and most were 4kg or below but not a lot of very small pinkies either so some very good quality table fish were taken.
It was very difficult to direct people to snapper this week.
Even time in the one spot didn’t work and the best of the reports came from those who were moving around trying to find the fish.
From the reports the trick wasn’t to move any great distance but to work a smaller area.
Those sounding fish were finding that there isn’t a shortage of them but they were in very small schools with some deep while plenty were mid water.
The land based reports keep coming in from both Newhaven and Cowes jetties saw only the very keen anglers successful.
Fishing the tides was the trick on both jetties and the last of the run out better on both.
The last of the low was slightly better for the snapper in the boats as well especially in Cleeland Bight.
Baits are probably the most consistent thing in snapper fishing and although everybody has their favourite, pilchards and squid are easily the best.
Gummies have been better this week than they have been for the last month or so.
Those chasing snapper in the channels are finding more of the gummies and I guess it doesn’t matter if you are targeting them or calling them by-catch they still taste the same.
The best areas for gummies have been the channel near Elizabeth and the channel out from Cowes with squid heads by far the best of the baits.
The tides suited the whiting this week and the reports were better although I am starting to see several smaller ones show up.
The best of the reports came again from slightly deeper water towards the channels both above and below the bridge and even a few reports from over at Tortoise Head.
There were whiting caught in the usual shallow areas as well but they were fewer in number and smaller than those in deeper water.
Cleeland Bight was the place for calamari, especially later in the week.
I lost track of the reports there were that many and plenty of double figure reports as well.
The quality was excellent and they seemed to be extremely aggressive with a few people telling me the calamari were actually fighting each other for the jigs.
I had several reports from the land based anglers using baited jigs but those catching the most in the boats were having the most success with artificial jigs especially the better quality ones with white, pink, orange and black the best.


Late rush for Venus Bay comp

VENUS Bay Angling Club’s Melbourne Cup Weekend competition was held over three days in very ordinary conditions, with hail at one stage.
No fish were weighed in until the final day of the comp on the Monday when Mother Nature finally parted the clouds, turned off the tap and gave provided some good fishing.
Some very fine pinkies and trevally were caught from the boats on the inlet.
As it turned out, all prize winners were with trevally.
Senior prize winners were: 1st, Phil Nebel, 860g for 688 points; 2nd, Andrew Godfrey, 740g for 592 points; 3rd, Roslyn Shelly, 640g for 672 points.
Junior member winner was Thomas Grech, 840g for 672 points.
The next competition will be a two and a half day comp starting at noon on Friday, December 5 with final weigh in at 3pm on Sunday, December 7.
Non-members are welcome.


Join in the snapper hunt

CORINELLA Boating and Angling Club will host its annual snapper competition over the November 28 to 29 weekend.
The competition has prizes worth over $1200 and awards for first, second and third heaviest Westernport snapper in adult and junior categories.
Entry is $25 for adult members ($10 junior) or $35 for non-members.
The weigh-ins, of one fish only, will be on Saturday, at 8am to 9am and 3pm to 4pm at the Corinella Rotunda.
A barbecue for participants will precede the awards at 3.30pm.
Entry forms, available from www.corinellafishing.com.au, must be submitted with payment by 5pm on Monday, November 24 at the Corinella General Store or posted to CBAC PO Box 20, Corinella.
For more information, contact Bobby Ricketts on 0437 949 903.