By King George


The build up to Christmas is just on a month away and the fishing will improve as the water temperature rises.
At Mahers Landing boaters and landbased anglers continue to enjoy good results where mullet, flathead and silvers are being caught on a variety of baits.
The fish are not huge but being well over size are worth the effort. The occasional whiting has also been caught.
There have also been quite reasonable oversize gummy sharks that have been taken mainly on pilchards and squid presentations.
Stevies Gutter is also worth a try where boaters and landbased anglers have been happy with their efforts where perch and whiting are being caught in quite reasonable numbers.

Wonthaggi Angling Club:

The Wonthaggi Angling Club will be holding a “garage sale” on Saturday, November 29 at the Wonthaggi Recreation Reserve commencing at 8am.
There will be a great variety of goods for sale and sure to be what someone is looking for.
For further particulars contact Peter Clarke on 5672 2929.

Tarwin River:

The fishing platforms have been very popular with landbased fishers where mullet, silvers and the occasional perch have been caught mainly on the run out tide.
The areas above the highway bridge and down to the rock wall have been producing the best results where Bass yabbies, sand worms and to a lesser extent small pieces of pipis and whitebait have been producing best results.

Venus Bay:

The good spell of conditions continued over the weekend where landbased anglers had a great time on salmon that were to 1.5kg taken on surf poppers and white bait.
There was also a few tommy roughs in the mix as well as some reasonable size flathead that didn’t break any records but worth the effort.

Port Welshpool:

Over the weekend conditions were great as far as fishing was concerned. Information from the boat storage is that there were very good numbers of snapper caught in the Franklin Channel as well as the entrance and outside.
The fish were up to the 7kg mark, which made them well worthwhile, going after with the best baits being pilchards, squid and fresh fish fillets.
Gummy sharks were also plentiful. Over the weekend boaters also decided to target whiting that were hungry, in good numbers and being to the 38cm mark, no one was complaining.
The Lewis Channel had quite a few boats at anchor and tied up at the long jetty was where they were in good numbers and there is no reason why they won’t stick around yet for a while.

Port Albert:

The Petrel Club from Geelong made its annual trip to the area and as usual had a great time.
They managed to get into a very good variety of fish, which included big snapper that were caught inside the entrance as well as outside in the deeper water.
There was also a very good variety of other fish, which included gummies and big flathead.
Rob Killury who runs the local General Store said that the visitors had a great time.
This area is well known for its great fishing and even though there can be productive all year, Rob says that things are now really starting to fire and he is looking forward to some great results.
The jetties are also going well as far as land-based anglers are concerned with squid being caught in good numbers.
They have been a bit on the small side but still worth making the effort to wet a line. They had previously been in the whopper range but there is stillroom for improvement.

Lakes Entrance:

Big snapper have been landed offshore, on pilchard.
The footbridge is producing trevally on prawn. Eastern Beach and Hopetoun Channel have salmon taking poppers and pilchard. A few leather jackets are around the Entrance.

Lake Tyers:

Bream and flathead have been caught throughout the Lake and in Nowa Nowa Arm, using prawn and soft plastics. High tide is still the best time to fish. Some tailor is striking silver lures.

Mitchell River:

The Cut and Backwater is good for bream and the odd flathead, on spider crab, prawn and soft plastics.

Tambo River:

Fishermen have been bagging out on bream around the mouth, using local prawn and sandworm


Bream are biting between the two bridges; however, quite a few have been undersize. Prawn is best bait.


The Boardwalk has produced bream on peeled prawn. The Nungurner Jetty has been good for King George whiting.


Tailor and bream are around Raymond Island, with silver lures and prawn taking fish. Leatherjacket, mullet and luderick are still available off the jetties.

Hollands Landing:

Flathead and bream are cruising around Medusa Point. Sandworm and shrimp are best bait.


Bream up to 51cm have been landed in the Snowy River, off the platforms.
Estuary perch are taking live prawn, with luderick taking weed. Some gummies, flathead and salmon can be had off the surf.

Bemm River:

Flathead and bream are in the channel. Sandworm, prawn and soft plastics are catching fish.

Tamboon Inlet:

The Camp Site area has good size bream on the chew, using pipi, sandworm and prawn.


Large flathead are in both Lakes, with bass yabbies, poddy mullet and soft plastics resulting in fish. Bream are in the Bottom Lake. Peeled prawn is best bait. A few tailor have also been caught but there is a fair bit of water mixed in with them.
How’s this for the death of common sense? King George comes across some strange things but there was a fishing article in the Weekly Times on November 12 this year that takes a lot of beating. It involves keen angler, Chris McLennan who asks, “Am I being told that I can’t cast my line more than 50 metres from the Point Lonsdale Pier without risking a fine of up to $8600.00?
The reply was, “It is dependent on where you are on the pier, for although the marine park boundary markers on the shore are some 50 metres each side of the pier, the pier is only about three metres wide at this point.
However, the platform on the end of the pier is 11.5 metres wide, so here it is only 47 metres to the northern boundary and 44.5 metres to the southern boundary.
However, the junctions of the north and south boundaries with the eastern boundary – by simple mathematical extrapolation, and in respect to the pier’s chamfered corners – are some 74 metres distant: So hypothetically at least, fishing from said corners would permit a longer cast without the risk facing court as we have seen two examples recently.”
Reporter Geoff Wilson says that bearing in mind though, as per his column of 24/04/14, that he has a transcript between Fisheries Victoria and a reader that says in effect; should you hook a fish, which takes your line into the marine park, you must cut your line or risk a fine. Many thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

King George says that we will have to find a more fitting phrase, as “stupid red tape” is nowhere near adequate.
To bolster the case for the prosecution, maybe the offending fish would be called as the star witness. On the serious side, fishing authorities depend to a large extent, the co-operation of law-abiding public who do the right thing.
If they are going to be treated in such a childish manner then that co-operation may well be a thing of the past and much needed cooperation from then public will dry up.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 56 723 474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

CUSTOMER chasing snapper this week were reporting that it was one of those tough and frustrating weeks as you could find plenty of fish on the sounder but they were very fussy as to when they were hungry.
Most were telling me the ones they caught were also looking like they were getting ready to spawn especially those caught in the shallower areas.
Looking back through my diary’s and it isn’t anything too surprising as they seem to have followed a similar pattern the last few years just before spawning but give it a week or so and they will be back on with vengeance.
Having said all that there is always the exception and plenty of snapper were caught especially later in the week and evenings over the weekend.
From the reports I have had over the last month or so this is one of the better seasons for the last few years for quantity of fish but definitely for quality of the snapper with everything I am seeing in extremely good condition.
Most of the reports of good numbers came from under 4m of water and those fishing in deeper channels or on the corals managed a few quality snapper but not the big numbers.
The area on the northern end of the corals and on the mud towards coronet bay was the best this week but if you are heading out I would also try the shallower San Remo side of The Corals.
A few snapper over 80cm were reported this week but the majority of the ones caught shallow were around 60cm to 70cm and those caught deep were around 40cm to 60cm.
I had a couple of reports of pinkies, some well undersize and even some very small just size ones on the mud in-between the bigger ones.
The better of the deeper places was close to Rhyll and observation point.
If it’s not hard enough already to work out I had a couple of customers that fished a few days in a row and they said the trick was working out which bait to use as it seemed to alternate daily between squid and pilchards.
Jetties are still producing a few snapper but nowhere the number they were a month ago which again is nothing too unusual.
They will fire up again in another few weeks when the majority of the bigger fish go home and the pinkies come into the bay in bigger numbers.
If you are chasing snapper from the land don’t forget the same rules apply as do for boats, bait presentation and making sure you hold bottom is most important.
Whiting reports this week were very good but the best of the reports didn’t come from where you would have expected them to come from.
The usual Dickies Bay and below the bridge in Cleeland Bight produced whiting with a lot of mixed sizes and even a couple of undersize ones but as one customer told me even the undersize ones are in great condition.
The whiting caught in Cleeland Bight and in Dickies Bay this week were caught both deeper and into the shallower water.
The sizes were inconsistent in both places but if you worked hard enough and of course had a bit of luck on your side you could get your bag of very respectable fish.
However the best reports of whiting this week came from those fishing for snapper especially those using snapper snatchers.
I had several reports all from a similar area and from different days but all good size whiting of 40cm or better.
Some managed one or two while others got to double figures.
The reports came from customers fishing off Rhyll in 12m to 14m of water and they said the whiting were very aggressive and taking half pilchards and large squid strips on 4/0 to 6/0 snapper snatchers.
While pipis remain the most popular bait by customers there were plenty of whiting caught on pilchard fillet and squid again this week.
Gummies reports were probably the quietest of the species reported this week with some quality ones around the 6kg but just not that many.
There were a few undersize ones, a couple even made their way back to the cleaning tables by anglers who weren’t sure how to measure them but most of them went back.
Why you would keep a gummy that measured 45cm overall I am not sure as you would barely get two fish finger sized fillets off it but people do I am afraid.
Again just a reminder that I am a retail tackle shop not fisheries there is no point bringing in photos of undersized fish to me or stories of illegal fishing as I am afraid there is nothing I can do.
If you are really concerned the best action you can take is phone 133 474 and talk to fisheries who will come down and do what needs to be done.
It is your choice but confronting someone at the cleaning table with undersized fish is also not all that wise as they are the ones with the fillet knife in their hands.
The best thing you can do is get strait onto the phone and call the reporting number 133 474.
Calamari continued this week where they left off last week although there was a bit of a lull in the middle of the week because of the weather.
Both the land and the boats were good this week and while the numbers were down slightly on the week before it seemed to be a bit more consistent with most people managing at least couple each. The jetty at San Remo and the beaches at Ventnor and Woolamai all fished better in the evening while there wasn’t any real pattern to the boats.
Other reports during the week were of a few flathead offshore salmon spread throughout the bay and offshore.
Some good flathead are showing up on the corals but the ratio isn’t all that good with 10 tiny flathead to one size one.
There have been a few ling over the last couple of weeks, plenty of yakkas and some of the biggest ones I have seen a few bugs have been caught and even a handful of crabs coming up on baits on the corals.
Garfish haven’t been in any sort of number yet but I saw a picture of one you had to look twice at to make sure it wasn’t a whiting it was that big.
Mullet, grass and silver whiting finish off the reports this week and of course there is plenty of bait swimming around.
Seems everything in the bay at the moment is in good condition which is a sign the bay is a very healthy condition.