big-changes-for-the-giantsKitted out in a prototype of the new Giants’ jumpers are Korumburra-Bena players, from left, Aaron Hayes, Darcy James, Jake Kilpatrick, coach Dean Hendriske, Bob Provin and Murray Fleming with club president Mick Hopkins at training last week.

CONFUCIUS say: They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.
If that’s true, then Korumburra-Bena Football Netball Club must be one of the happiest sporting organisations around and their wisdom for making change should not be questioned.
Of course the decision to make the change from the red, white and blue of the Bulldogs to the orange, grey and white of the Giants has not been without its controversy.
The rooms will all have to be repainted.
Supporters will have to throw out all of the old jumpers, polos and jackets lying about the place… and buy themselves and the kids a whole set of new ones!
And the footballers and netballers will have to get a complete set of jumpers, dresses, training apparel, jackets etc all ready in time for the new season.
And there’s the risk that too much energy will be expended on the colours change and not enough on the job at hand… the task of winning premierships.
But with all that taken into account, there was still an overriding aim on the part of the footy/netball committee and the supporters, expressed at a general meeting, to make a break from the clash colours which have plagued the club for a decade.
“It was all about not having clashes. Everyone was sick of it,” Korumburra-Bena President Mick Hopkins said last week.
“Fortunately we’ve received some support from the league and from Phillip Island, which was fair enough, because we offered the make the change despite the fact that when he became the Bulldogs, we were the only ones.
“We also tried to get some support from the AFL and from the Giants. They gave us some jumpers but what they said was that they would organise Kevin Sheedy to come down here for a fundraiser and to launch the jumpers.
“It’s something we plan to do in the first few weeks of the season.”
For now, it’s on with the job.
“We’ve ordered the training singlets and polos.
“The netball girls pretty excited about it and they’ve ordered their dresses and will also be getting some other things as well.
“We decided to go that way so we could do away with the clashes once and for all and we’re also going to have grey shorts so hopefully we won’t have to have any away shorts either.
The polos, jackets and other merchandise will be ordered in due course.”
The club is also going to use the change as a marketing opportunity, providing their major sponsors with clothing or merchandise to thank them for their past support and to encourage them to sign on for next year.
League president, John Schelling, said the Alberton league was delighted:
“The league pushed the idea from the start,” he said.
“We’ve been concerned about Phillip Island and Korumburra-Bena playing each other with the same colours for a long while and we actually mooted the idea that something should happen.
“Korumburra-Bena thankfully saw that they hadn’t been the Bulldogs for that long and Phillip Island supported that.
“I think it’s a great precedent for the future and hopefully we will see more of it happen where we see more clubs look for change, because change is good.
“Keeping in mind tradition isn’t something we want ruined.
“It was pretty confusing with all the supporters wearing red, white and blue, you didn’t know who was supporting who.
“We’ve been working closely with Korumburra-Bena and helping out where we can with the project.”

Mick Hopkins said the club wasn’t allowing itself to be distracted by the change and was also doing the usual hard work recruiting players and getting current players to recommit.
“It’s hard to see who you’ve got before Christmas with so many competing interests but we’re still looking for the ultimate success, don’t worry about that.”

Other sayings about ‘change’:
• He who rejects change is the architect of decay – Harold Wilson
• Those who expect moments of change to be comfortable and free of conflict have not learned their history – Joan Wallach-Scott
• All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward – Ellen Glasgow
• If you want to make enemies, try to change something – Woodrow Wilson
• People don’t change. Only their costumes do – Gene Moore