Like Peter Chambers, Letters, Sentinel-Times, November 18, I am dismayed at the Bass Coast Shire Council’s decision to prioritise the rights of dogs to roam beaches off their leashes, over the right of people to an enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.
All users of public spaces have a responsibility to act in a way that respects other users, however that is a difficult concept to explain to the dog that just shook sand and water all over your towel, or poo’d while its owner was conveniently looking away.
Peter accurately described the reality of having dogs bounding freely amongst young children, families, the elderly, and indeed all the variety of people who come to use Inverloch’s quiet Inlet beaches.
Those of us who see no logic in having dogs off leashes on these beaches will only need to be patient, as this deregulation will not stand the test of time.
Inevitably there will be an ‘incident’, leaving somebody seeking compensation for damages they have incurred from an uncontrolled dog.
The obvious target for such compensation will be the council that not only allowed, but encouraged owners to let their dogs run free on a small inlet beach where members of the public are vulnerable to any untoward actions by dogs.
I predict that it will be the law courts that in the end force the council to adopt a logical approach to the control of dogs in public spaces, and ensure they are on leashes when on our popular beaches.
Let’s just hope that such an ‘incident’ does not result in the horrific injuries to children or others, that we have seen occur from dog attacks in recent times.
Russell Ogden, Inverloch.