danger-ignoredAs a follow up to the article ‘Hits and misses on dangerous bend’ published in last week’s edition, the police spokesman was quoted as saying “if there’s a problem, police want to hear”.
My wife and I and the German tourists were at Wonthaggi Police to report this incident but we were told police processes don’t allow for the reporting of incidents where no one is injured or damage is limited to property of the parties involved.
If no records are being kept, it is no surprise that the corner of Berrys Road near the B&B is not listed as a dangerous spot.
As well as our near miss, Bill Berry mentioned the collision with the cows and our neighbours found a badly injured motorcyclist.
Add to this list the number of drivers who have failed to take this corner on the bitumen.
These are all warning signs that the corner is not safe.
The cost to the community of road trauma is very high. How much will it cost to relocate two speed limit signs or the placement of advisory speed signs?
John Hare, Harmers Haven.