At council elections we have the democratic right to vote for someone to represent us, the residents, in council, which has worked reassembly well in the Bass Coast Shire up to the 2012 council elections.
Then we got some councillors that simply had their own agenda. Representing the residents and democracy has been totally ignored, as we have seen with the Inverloch dogs on beach saga.
Two years of voluntary work by residents on the Domestic Animal Management Advisory Committee was totally ignored, and the most recent consultation group, for a reported $50,000, was totally ignored and money wasted.
This is not a democracy; it is a councillor’s own agenda.
The health and wellbeing of residents including the aged and disabled did not come onto their consideration, with more confusing dog rules introduced.
The area east of Cuttriss Street to the end of the foreshore camping area has been designated as a dog-free zone for no reason. This area isn’t environmentally sensitive and it doesn’t have a lot of people using it, which makes it an ideal place to walk your dog.
I’m not sure if shires are able to call early council elections but I feel this is what the Bass Coast Shire needs urgently. Just to get democracy back to Bass Coast.
Robert Scott, Inverloch.