After all the fuss about Bass receiving so much less funding than surrounding shires at state level, wouldn’t you have thought that Federal Coalition could have done something right?
Minister Hunt has just allocated grants to local government for purposes to be decided locally.
For Bass, at $1.34 million, comparison with others is more for Cardinia 175 per cent, Casey 314 per cent and Mornington 117 per cent.
And it’s not just a one-off, quarterly with three more to go.
There’s been no shortage of media coverage about lack of and deteriorating assets of all kinds in Bass.
Coalition used to talk about core and non-core promises.
But now they even lie about lying, like “no changes to ABC, health, education, welfare…”
Still huge subsidies for fossil fuel power and unlimited budget for Defence and Intelligence departments – loony tunes money for ornaments like submarines and jet fighters.
With JSF aircraft, it’s so secret that it comes with very few manuals and anything more than a grease and oil change is by USA personnel only.
As our military chief Angas Houston retired, in his final speech, advised that maximum deployment of front line troops, at any one time, for Iraq and Afghanistan combined, was 3000, while total size of ADF is more than 100,000 (not including Vet Affairs etc etc).
And neither Defence nor Intelligence offer any protection against ravages of global warming.
Meanwhile CSIRO loses another 900 people, after losing 500 in first year of Prime Minister Abbott.
During recent visit to by Paul Ehrlich, he says he’s horrified at watching Australia for 40 years now, that world leading science and technology folks are completely ignored, while government goes out of its way to encourage kinds of business to turn us into a third world country, totally dependent on vagaries of international export markets for raw produce.
Surely it’s time we could afford better basic services, to be easily financed, if the likes of fossil fuel and Defence were subject to “efficiency dividend savings (absolutely not cuts!)” as applied, again and again, to ABC and others?
Bernie McComb, Cowes.