editors letterEditor Nathan Johnston

IT’S taken three years, dozens of shredded tyres and damaged rims, but at last, it looks as though VicRoads is fixing the South Gipp-
sland Highway on the Korumburra side of Leongatha – for real this time.
Sand castles built by toddlers on the water’s edge have had more structural integrity and last longer than the previous patch up attempts.
Now, after three years of swerving to avoid the potholes and swearing if you hit them, VicRoads has provided the final insult by scheduling works just before Christmas.
Leongatha retailers would be furious. Sales will have been lost as potential shoppers are stopped at the lights for up to 20 minutes.
Holiday makers on the way to The Prom and South Gippsland’s coast will be similarly frustrated.
The same issues are arising at Inverloch where large scale road works are taking place on the Bass Highway at one of the entrances to town.
VicRoads says it’s easier to perform the works in summer. Of course it is, but our driest months come after Christmas.
After three years of waiting for improvements, three more weeks probably wouldn’t have hurt.
That said, let’s hope the job’s done properly this time (It’s been promised before.).
Drivers should allow an extra 20 minutes on their trip and drive safely – taking particular care around road works sites.
We’re told to be patient on the roads, and we must be, always. Just take a deep breath and think, ‘at least we don’t have to put up with the Monash!’