korumburrasignAN earthquake measuring 3.3 Richter Scale shook the town of Korumburra last night with reports that it woke people from their slumber over a wide area of South Gippsland at 3.3oam.

The tremor took townsfolf back to March 2009 when a disturbing 4.6 magnitude quake hit the town followed by a series of aftershocks.

“I didn’t wake up but my wife who is a fairly heavy sleeper woke up and got out of bed. She said it seemed to go for a fair while.”

Other people in Leongatha also reported the windows shaking for up to 10 seconds, and also that their house continued to sway even after the initial shock had gone through.

It has left locals wondering if they are headed into another period of earthquake activity after a relatively quiet period.

GeoScience Australia seismologist Steve Tatham said a tremor of that size could be felt up to 50 kilometres away.

“That sort of radius is reasonable for an earthquake of this magnitude, particularly given the quiet time of the morning so if anybody was awake or were a light sleeper I think that’s understandable,” he said.

“The most significant I have seen is reports of items shaken off a table.

“Some of the other reports just talk about the length of noise and shaking of just under 10 seconds.”

Mr Tatham said the depth of four kilometres was quite shallow.

“This is fairly typical, if you go back to 2009 Korumburra had a rather large shake at 4.6 and that slight to moderate activity has occurred fairly consistently since then,” he said.

“What we’ve got down there in that area is quite a number of faults that have been known about for quite some time and stresses in the crust.”

Residents in the south-east region were advised by the SES to check for cracks in their walls, roofs and chimneys.

They also said there there may be smaller aftershocks.