Sir, You know my story, no TV for 11 months and no telephone for 14 months due to no fault of my own. The telephone interference was massive and intermittent. Repeated complaints proved pointless so I finally closed the account. My ignorance of this big bad world drove me to buy a mobile phone only to find that my region received a poor signal. I am as a retired person of older years, living in a remote area with poor contact with the outside world. This situation was particularly inconvenient, my property being up for sale.
Happy days however, this November my land line was repaired. According to the technician, work previously undertaken by Telstra had possibly interfered with my line with the loss of service. How did I accomplish the return of service, by writing direct to the C.E.O. of the Company. I had heard this man talking on the radio emphasising the need to consider the consumer.
Eleven months ago, without notice, my TV vanished. I was not informed by either the government or the original installer. I immediately visited the installer who denied any responsibility by informing me that they had told me of the change. I also complained to my political representative with an unacceptable response. I did receive from the relevant minister two A4 sheets of administrative and regulatory data but no response to my actual request for the necessary technical equipment needed to regain the service. I could, of course, go to the ‘’ombudsman’’.
Happy days again because at a magnificent price of $750 and much annoyance, I now have my TV.
Once again our constitution proves inadequate, can I suggest pointless and irrelevant certainly bloody annoying to this little man. Might I suggest also that if our politicians in all their privileged splendor cannot assist in simple problems like this, they simply have no function. You certainly become a drain on the public purse. My rant at the electronics company involved continued when I was obliged to purchase the replacement decoder box. To my surprise the company had the wrong address on their file. Apparently I lived in Foster and my post code was 3960, this was new to me having lived at this address since 1978.
Yours sincerely and in frustration,
Ron Brown, Turtons Creek.