Open letter to Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey:
Just a letter to thank you for allowing unemployed workers a whopping $230 per week expense account, even if they do have to wait two to three months before payments start and despite having paid taxes most of their working lives.
So thoughtful of you to keep us all in our place, and to teach the newly unemployed character building new thrift habits.
After all, you did warn us that “unemployment benefits are a privilege, not a right”, even to those who have responsibly paid taxes all their working lives to insure themselves against unwanted job losses – not like yourself of course.
May I ask how much of these taxes have found their way into your own pocket by the way? Just curious.
Thank you too for realising that ordinary people simply cannot get to job interviews because “poor people don’t drive” since there is no money for fuel because they have to do ridiculous things like eat and pay mortgage and utility bills.
This ensures that their situation will never change. What a good idea.
Thank you again, for voting yourself and other pollies a generous annual pay rise at the expense of the underprivileged and the helpless, those caught up in an endless and depressing circle of poverty and hopelessness.
Joe Hockey, you are a true example of the tough love that governments can aspire to if they try hard enough.
But then, you multi-millionaires do know what you’re talking about. You have always done it tough, haven’t you?
Carolyn Burton, Leongatha South.