path-to-confusionThe slope near the corner of Punchbowl Road was riddled with gaping cracks earlier this year. It has now been sealed with concrete. Bass Coast Shire Council is yet to confirm whether extra money was spent on this fix. G035214

HOLIDAYMAKERS making their annual pilgrimage to San Remo and Phillip Island this week will notice plenty of work has been done on the Anderson to San Remo shared pathway in the past year.
But while it all looks impressive, whether or not the public is allowed to step on any part of it, not to mention the big question of when the project will actually be finished, remains as clear as mud.
Bass Coast Shire Council’s website advises the 5.5km path is “not currently open for public use while it remains under construction”, with the finishing date for the three-year project listed vaguely as “2015/16”.
Some sections of the pathway – such as near Punchbowl Road where recent works have taken place – are clearly blocked off with adequate signage and fencing, but travel further east towards Anderson and there are no barriers or any indication the path is still under construction.
Creating further confusion is the fact the recently completed boardwalk section of the pathway – located just outside Silverwater Resort – is also clearly accessible.
There’s even a sign up at the corner of Potters Hill Road advising special needs pedestrians that there are ‘steep grades ahead’.
Council’s Infrastructure general manager, Felicity Sist, said the boardwalk section was only completed on December 23.
“Council is currently putting together some information to advise the public how this section of the pathway can be used safely, including entry and exit points,” she said.
The council has advised it is providing an update to the community in the form of a media release sometime this week and offered no further information about the pathway.
So, for now, if you’re wondering whether you’re breaking any rules by stepping foot on any part of it, your guess is as good as ours.
Construction of the $1.1 million pathway began well over a year ago, forming part of a grand plan from council to connect Cowes to Wonthaggi via bike paths, utilising the already-existing Rail Trail.
In its current state, the Anderson to San Remo pathway still stops short of connecting to existing pathways in the San Remo township.
There’s a missing link between Potters Hill Road and the beginning of a footpath at Panorama Drive.
Council has previously stated it expects that section to be covered as part of new subdivisions, but will construct a temporary connection if the housing development is delayed.