safe-brakes-and-tyres-criticalWonthaggi Tyrepower’s Kris Baker stresses the importance of having your tyres and brakes checked regularly. He has seen many instances where customers have put themselves in danger through lack of tyre and brake maintenance.

TYRE safety is something that slips the minds of many drivers, when it is one of the most important parts of maintaining a safe car.
Wonthaggi Tyrepower’s Kris Baker said having your tyres and brakes checked regularly is more important than a car service.
“Tyres and brakes are the number one and number two most important things on the car for sure,” he said.
“It’s the only contact between you and the road.
“People who ignore the condition of their tyres are mad. They’re either going to kill themselves, your family or my family.”
Your car’s tyres should be checked every 10,000km to maintain the safety of your vehicle.
Tyrepower offers free checks for all customers that purchase a set of tyres.
Having the right pressure in your tyre is another important factor for a safe vehicle.
If the pressure is wrong, the tyre doesn’t have the right footprint impact on the road so you’re not getting the right contact, the right grip, quality of ride and traction.
Kris said every third car comes into his garage with worn tyres on the inside shoulder that the owners can’t see.
“Wheel alignments, suspension bushes, regular rotations, tyre pressure checks – no one does it, but that’s what we’re here for,” he said.
“People service their cars, and this is just as important.”
“It’s more important to have good wheels and brakes in the car that it is to have oil in the engine.
“With no oil it’s just going to stop, but when it’s going you need to be safe.”
Start taking the safety of your car seriously and have your tyres and brakes checked by the experienced team at Wonthaggi Tyrepower.