stay-alert-police-pleadA sedan ended up in a ditch close to the Soldiers Road intersection at Bass early last week. The vehicle’s occupants escaped with minor injuries. G015214

POLICE in Bass Coast are urging motorists to slow down and pay attention at all times over the busy New Year period, following a spate of accidents early last week.
Last Tuesday, December 23, police attended four accidents throughout Bass Coast before lunchtime, with the worst occurring in Bass, resulting in three people being transported to hospital.
San Remo Police Sergeant Bruce Kent said age was “a contributing factor” when a Mitsubishi sedan driven by an elderly man caused an accident when the vehicle turned from Soldiers Road on to Bass Highway at around noon.
He said the driver of the sedan appeared to have lost control and performed a U-turn before the vehicle ended up in a ditch near the corner, while a Hyundai four-wheel drive lost control and ploughed through a road sign before knocking over a light pole.
An Ambulance Victoria spokesperson confirmed three people were transported to Dandenong Hospital, including two men, one aged in his 80s and another in his 60s, sustaining minor injuries.
A passenger in the sedan, a woman in her 80s, was also taken to the hospital for observation.
San Remo Police Senior Constable Matt Marshall said the accident at Bass, along with the three other minor accidents the same morning, were all caused by a lack of awareness and drivers failing to pay complete attention.