tightlines-2122014Finn has been out chasing snapper with the light tackle this time and having a lot of success.

By King George

AMANDA Kellar and partner Terry continue to have great results on the water where they have been targeting snapper and whiting.
On their last outing near The Corals they bagged out the reds in under an hour on Thursday.
They were from 45cm-75cm, which was followed by some very nice size whiting on the way home.


There haven’t been any reports so far. This could be put down to the fact that boating has bagged good numbers of so called “quality” recently.
No doubt there will have been surf anglers trying their luck and King George would appreciate reports from them.


Outside the entrance has been producing very good numbers of whiting for those who know where to go.
The fish have been caught on a variety of baits with Bass yabbies and pipis being the most popular.
There are also very good size garfish being caught along with flathead.
Out wider there are quality gummy sharks and flathead being bagged and just beyond the breakers at Venus Bay, flathead and pinkies.
Inside the entrance boaters are catching a variety of fish that include mullet, flathead, whiting and silvers on both sides of the tide.
Mahers Landing has been popular with boaters who have been happy with silvers, flathead, mullet and for those who know where to look, perch that have been in good numbers.
Wilfred Johanson and a mate from Carrum Downs had a very good trip upstream from the boat ramp where they caught a mixed bag of coutta, leather jackets and flathead.
They said there were quite a few other boaters who were also doing very well but one was nearly stranded as the run off tide found them in very shallow water but they were lucky enough to avoid being stuck in the mud.

Shallow Inlet:

The good fishing continues in this remarkable stretch of water.
Whiting are plentiful and Andrew Starrett who runs the local caravan park with wife Karen says the water temperature is on the rise.
Whiting have been the main catch and Andrew says they have been to the 46cm mark, which is a thumper in anybody’s language.
He also says even though the size limit is 27cm most boaters won’t keep them under the 30cm mark, such is the quality of the fish.
There have also been a mixture of other fish such as flathead and silvers but it seems the salmon have gone with the arrival of the warmer water.
Although there have not been any reports of gummy sharks through the week they are no doubt around and will take a variety of baits and when hooked up give a very good account of themselves.

Port Welshpool:

Snapper to the 8kg mark have been the dominant species caught where the Franklin Channel has been most popular with boaters.
There have also been a few quality flathead and gummies making an appearance.
There was a report of a good size school shark being caught in the Franklin Channel and another one in Singapore Deep.
Harry Carmichael and a crew decided to try their luck through the week at Singapore Deep and bagged four very good size gummies and some quality flathead that were caught on the run out tide.
Pilchards and squid were the successful baits and they also had something that was hooked and headed full steam away from them.
We will never know what it was apart from being big, very big as it snapped the line.
The Lewis Channel continues to produce whiting that have been to the 39cm mark and taking Bass yabbies, pipis, squid and small strips of pilchards.
The jetties have been fairly productive through the week when the conditions allowed.
Silvers, mullet, flathead and squid were making up most bags with the run in tide being the best time to wet a line on the eastern end of the structure.

Port Albert:

Visiting Rye angler John McFayden, Matt ‘Alfred’ Lowerson and another mate paid a visit to the area.
They called in at the General Store and received directions from Rob Killury and they headed out looking for whiting.
They ended up with a mixed bag, which included 16 of their targeted fish that were in excess of 40cm.
John said they also caught a huge eel that they had no use for and it was thrown back to swim and fight another day.
Rob said the fishing has really picked up with the warm windless conditions.
As well as whiting there has been plenty of quality snapper turning up.
Outside the entrance there have been snapper and gummy sharks as well as big flathead making up very good bags.
They are taking a variety of baits such as pilchards, squid and fresh fish fillets.

Lakes Entrance:

Salmon, blue throat wrasse and leatherjacket have been caught in Reeve and Rigby Channels, using pilchard and prawn.
The footbridge is still good for trevally on blue bait.

Lake Tyers:

King George whiting have been landed at No 2 Jetty on sandworm, after dark.
Bream and flathead are still on the go, around the channel markers. Soft plastics and prawn are best bait.
One angler was lucky enough to catch a luderick over 2kg, on sandworm.

Mitchell River:

Bream and flathead are active around the bluff and mouth. Soft plastics and prawn are catching fish.

Tambo River:

The mouth of the river is still producing plenty of bream, using sandworm and prawn.


Bream are still in deep water opposite the caravan park. Peeled prawn and shrimp are resulting in fish.


Shaving Point has been a good spot for bream on prawn and sandworm.
Pinkies, trevally and bream have been taken off the boardwalk.


The Strait and jetties have bream and the odd luderick, biting on bread and sandworm. Plenty of salmon are striking silver lures off the surf.

Hollands Landing:

The woodpile area has large bream after sunset. Try peeled prawn and shrimp.


Both rivers are fishing well; with estuary perch feeding on live prawn and hard bodied lures. Luderick, bream and flathead have been landed on soft plastics and sandworm.
Offshore, gummies and flathead are taking eel and squid.
The surf has salmon and tailor.

Bemm River:

The lake is producing bream, flathead and the odd luderick. Best bait is sandworm, prawn and soft plastics.
Gummies have been taken off the surf.

Tamboon Inlet:

Flathead and bream are cruising around mud point, with soft plastics and prawn producing good results.


Bream to 1.4kg have been caught in both lakes on sandworm and bass yabbies. Warmer water has made flathead more prevalent, with soft plastics catching fish.
Flathead and gummies are offshore in fairly good numbers.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

IT was a very strange week of reports with plenty of snapper around but whiting have actually taken over in quality catches.
I wouldn’t say the whiting are in huge numbers but the quality has stepped up a notch over the last week or so.
Reports this week came from the deeper areas and the usual shallow spots like Dickies Bay and Cleeland Bight; the whiting also ranged considerably in size from too small to 55cm.
From the reports there seemed to be two different groups of whiting – big but very few and smaller but good quantity: one customer told me he caught a week’s worth of meals for he and his wife with only eight fish.
Some of the biggest whiting came from deep water off Rhyll but not in a traditional whiting spot, more of a snapper spot.
They were taking half pilchards on anything up to a 5/0 hook without any problem and several were reported on snapper snatchers as well.
The more traditional type of whiting reports came from the 2m to 4m of water and they were quite aggressive as well from what I was told.
With all the differences in the reports two things were common, sunrise and sunset and these two times accounted for the majority of the catches.
Most of the bigger whiting were caught using pilchard fillet and circle hooks while squid, pipis and the odd pilchard caught the smaller ones.
There were a lot of pinkies in amongst the whiting this week as well but more in the shallow areas and I didn’t have many reported from the deep.
The snapper reports were back to ones and twos for the most part and a mixture of sizes with very little over 5kg.
There is always the exception of course and I had two reports of 8kg snapper, both from the middle of the night and both from the channel at Elizabeth Island.
It was difficult to pick the right spot as it changed daily from deep to shallow with the only exception the San Remo side of the corals in about 5m of water which produced several good catches through the week.
It was also one of those weeks that produced plenty of customer reports of a nothing – not even a sighting of snapper.
The best snapper reports were those of snapper pictures on sounders that were showing them in much bigger schools, but also not interested in presentations.
Although the reports are all over the place I would still be inclined to fish deeper early, go home for an afternoon nap in the middle of the day, and fish shallow in the evening.
Calamari seemed to be about right for this time of the year with them being patchy but mostly good size ones.
I didn’t hear of too many small ones being caught this week and most customers said they were quite aggressive even chasing and hanging onto the king George whiting with those quick enough with the net landing both at once.
The water has been clean and clear for most of the tide over the last week and the quality jigs are coming into their own, out doing the cheap jigs easily.
Other success has come from those who like to put a bit of work into their jigging by working the squid jigs quite hard and fast.
This all worked in the boats and off the jetty but on the beaches at Ventnor and Woolamai, baited jigs under a float or even a cheap artificial jig under a float worked.