tightlines-23122014Scout these two excellent whiting recently – the largest was 51cm. Don’t forget to share your catches and pics with the Jim’s Bait and Tackle Facebook page and the Sentinel-Times.

By King George

THROUGH the week a well-known Wonthaggi fisherman with a building background and some mates decided to look for some pipis at a local beach.
As they were walking along the beach they came across a group of people who had a number of large, something like 50 litre plastic containers.
They saw that they were almost full of pipis and obviously had too many.
The fishermen told them that they were way over the limit and they should tip out the illegal excess.
This they did and continued on their way.
There were suddenly quite a few crustaceans looking lost on the beach and in danger of being eaten by birds or other hungry animal life, but the fishermen solved the problem by taking their limit and throwing the excess pipis back into the surf.


There haven’t been any reports of any activity from the surf beaches through the week but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any fish to be caught.

For the benefit of visitors who might be contemplating trying their luck, Kilcunda Beach would be worth a visit where traditionally there have been good numbers of salmon that are to the 2kg mark and better that will take baits such as whitebait, squid and surf poppers with best results being on the run in tide.
There is usually a sprinkling of good size flathead and gummies as well and occasionally there will be a pinkie snapper that will complement a lucky angler’s bag.


Throughout the week there were numerous reports of boaters happy with their results.
Out in front of the A Frame house near Mahers Landing, Gordon Davidson and a mate managed some very good size mullet on the run in tide that were taken on pipis.
Gordon said he doesn’t mind the trip from Morwell as he knows the area around Mahers Landing.
There is quite good numbers of whiting being caught from the entrance up as far as Mahers Landing with the better size fish being near the entrance.
The area known as the Snags is the deepest part of the inlet and deserves its name.
It is there that good numbers of whiting have been caught to the 50cm mark, which is impressive in anyone’s language as well as silvers and perch.
These fish are dirty fighters and when hooked up they must be got to the boat as quickly as possible.
If they make it to the underground furniture then you wave the fish good bye and start all over again but it is fair to say that fish caught in this area are generally well worth the effort.

Wonthaggi Angling Club:

The club held its monthly competition last Sunday and there were 61 members and friends in attendance.
The man in the red suit made his annual appearance and was welcomed by President Peter Clarke.
Bags of lollies were handed out to the kids as well as the older kids as well and those present enjoyed each other’s company.
Santa also presented youngster, Jacob with a fishing rod and reel and wished him a Merry Christmas.
There was a total of 10 fish weighed in and fish of the month was whiting.
The sponsor of the month was Wonthaggi Autobarn.
The winner of the senior male section was Ian Kent with a 430gm whiting for 2408 points and the senior female section was won by Jenny Frankie with a 370gm whiting for 2072 points.
Unfortunately there were no junior male or junior female anglers who weighed in a fish.

Shallow Inlet:

Karen at the Shallow Inlet Caravan Park says the fishing has been great through the week with a very good variety of fish being caught.
She says a group from Broadmeadows have been staying at the park through the week and have caught very good numbers of whiting, flathead and good size snapper that was well and truly into the thumper bracket.
The fish are being caught on a variety of baits, which include pilchards, squid and pipis.
Low water on both sides of the tides seems to be the best time to wet a line and with the conditions fairly settled, the great fishing should continue.
For the benefit of boaters who are not familiar with the area, there is no constructed boat ramp but boats can be launched off the beach, but there are some soft patches and local knowledge should be sought especially on the Yanakie side of the Inlet.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boat storage over the weekend was that most boats had caught on average just one snapper and all the fish were about the 6kg mark.
They were caught on pilchards and squid.
There had also been good numbers of quality gummy sharks caught on a variety of baits such as pilchards, squid and fresh fish fillets.
Although there had not been any reports of whiting being caught over the weekend, they were bagged in good numbers through the week where the Lewis Channel was the most productive area.

Port Albert:

The fishing conditions through the week had been alright and the weekend in particular had seen many boats out on the water where whiting and big flathead have been caught in good numbers.
Places such as the Ballast Heap and the Basket Beacon have been very popular with boaters.
The jetties have also been popular with land-based anglers who have been catching quite reasonable bags of squid, flathead, silvers and eels.
Boaters have not had far to go to get good size whiting that have been to the 39cm mark and taking a variety of baits such as pipis, Bass yabbies, squid and small pieces of pilchards.

Lakes Entrance:

Some large flathead have been caught under the highway bridge using bleeding prawn lures.
Salmon and blue throat wrasse are biting around the rock wall at the entrance.
Trevally are still being taken off the footbridge

Lakes Tyers:

Flathead are on the go during high tide in the channel around Trident Arm and the Glasshouse. Soft plastics and bait are getting good results.
Some big bream have been landed around number two jetty.
The beach has plenty of salmon taking mainly white bait and surf poppers.

Mitchell River:

Good size bream can be found around Eagle Point with vibes and soft plastics catching fish.
Estuary perch are still active under the highway bridge using greenish plastics.

Tambo River:

Bream are mainly around the three gums and mouth area. Best bait is worm, prawn and sandworm.


The swimming hole area is producing bream on sandworm, prawn and soft plastics.


Bream, trevally and flathead have been taken off the boardwalk and the jetty near Chinamans Creek. Spider crab and local prawn are best bait.


Newlands Arm has tailor striking trolled metal lures with some festive fish taking tinsel lures.
The jetties are good for a few luderick and skipjacks.

Hollands Landing:

The strait near Medusa Point has good size mullet and bream biting on whitebait, prawn and sandworm.


The Snowy River has settled with estuary perch, bream and luderick prevalent throughout the system.
Local prawn, sandworm and hard bodied lures are producing fish.
The surf has tailor and gummies.

Bemm River:

Tailor and flathead are cruising in the channel with soft plastics and metal lures taking most fish. Bream have been caught on sandworm and peeled prawn.


Flathead and bream are around the mouth of the inlet. Soft plastics, prawn and sandworm are best bait.


The water in both lakes is clearing with bream, tailor, flathead, yellow fin and whiting being caught. Soft plastics, yabbies, sandworm and prawn are worth trying.
Gummies and flathead are offshore.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

OVER the holiday period we will keep our Facebook page up to date with fishing reports as we get them and anything happening around the area.
Shop hours will be extended through the holiday period and we will closed Christmas Day.
We re-open Boxing Day and every day at 6am till the end of January, possibly earlier on the better days.
If we are going to be open before 6am we will post it on Facebook.
For those new to the area and fishing in a boat we have printed out some sheets with a few GPS marks on to get you started so just drop in and pick one up.
If you are land based we can also point you in the right direction and show you on a map the best spots.
If you are visiting the island over the holidays there is plenty for the whole family to do and if it is too rough to get your boat out there are miles and miles of beaches to fish off.
Don’t forget the lights in the large pine in San Remo have now been turned on and can be seen from 9.30pm till midnight every night.
The light show takes around eight minutes to complete one cycle and is well worth watching through.
If you are heading out in the boat over the holiday period don’t forget to check all your safety gear as marine safety will be out on the water as well as at the boat ramps but I guess if you are doing the right thing there is nothing to worry about.
The usual items will be checked: flares, life jackets, bailing buckets and the condition and size of your fire extinguisher.
If you are driving your boat on or off the trailer regardless of size don’t forget you must have two people on board or if on your own be wearing a life jacket.
Inflatable life jackets must now be serviced in accordance with manufacturer specifications and service history recorded, which you might be asked for.
If you like eating whiting, flathead or calamari then you are in luck at the moment because they have been three species most reported this week.
The weather finally settled a bit and although we didn’t get full days that were fine, there was enough time to get out and have a fish.
The wind still wasn’t all that favourable for those wanting to sit around the Corals area for a snapper so it is difficult to say if they have actually gone or people just can’t spend time targeting them.
Typically at this time of the year, many of the land based fish seem to have broken up early and gone on holidays.
I do find though over the Christmas week, especially with a lot more people fishing in areas not normally fished, the reports start coming in again.
In the words of many of my customers the whiting are as good as they have ever seen in this bay – not necessarily in number but certainly in quality.
Very early morning has been by far the best and if it is slightly overcast, you get a bit more time in the shallower areas, otherwise once the sun is up, they turn off like a tap.
When the sun is up, or if you are fishing during the day, head for the deeper water.
The evening has been a mixed bag and there have been some reasonable numbers but not a many large ones.
The best spots in the morning have been Tortoise Head, Dickies Bay and Maggie Shoal with Reef Island and back to the top light in the evening.
During the day it has been a mixed bag with no one spot a stand out but deeper water slightly better.
I did get several second hand reports of some good catches along the Rhyll Bank towards the end of Boys Home Channel from during the day as well.
The quietest spot has been in Cleeland Bight with very few reported this week.
The best baits for the bigger whiting have been pilchard fillet, pipis and calamari close behind.
With a couple of very small windows, boats were finally able to head offshore although it still wasn’t necessarily all that comfortable with the S/E winds on the S/W swell.
I had several reports of flathead but don’t ask me for where or a pattern as there was none at all with one day those fishing in the traditional spots doing nothing at all and a customer from Melbourne fishing in 60m of water bagging out.
The next time out there was nothing in 60m but several boats caught them in 25m to 40m of water.
Two areas were slightly better for the flathead, off the Powlett and west of the Cape off the Surf Club with a few pinkies and a gummy coming from this area as well.
No makos as yet but in reality there has probably only been two boats doing drifts out the eastern entrance.
A few boats ventured out Sunday and although only looking for flathead they reported schools of slimmeys, yakkas and some small couta as well as catching some arrow squid so with all that food around the makos won’t be far behind.
Several good flathead were caught in the bay this week as well in between the hundreds of undersized ones and the usual weekly large rock flathead report.
Best baits for the flathead were calamari strips and blue bait with plenty of customers now using those small plastic squid as well.
At one stage during the week it looked like someone had spilt a tin of black paint on the jetty at San Remo with so many calamari being caught.
Most were caught early morning but several were caught this week during the day fishing an hour either side of the tide.
Artificial jigs by far the best, what colour? Anybody’s guess with all different ones used and the only constant colour being white, which seem to be everyone’s ‘go to jig’.
Most of the calamari were caught just as you walk onto the jetty but for the first time in a while there were squid caught all along the jetty even the outside arm between the boats.
Boats had just as good a success in Cleeland Bight with those that were able to drift out doing anchored boats easily, unfortunately drifting will become a bit difficult over the next few weeks with so much traffic.
Several calamari also came from Dickies Bay area, Reef Island and even off the Corals which probably has nothing to do with the squid, just more fishing for them in these areas.


Bad weather again for Venus Bay comp

VENUS Bay Angling Club’s December competition over the weekend of December 5, 6 and 7 became yet another fizzer with weather conditions not very favourable.
The result was only two scaled fish and one gummy shark weighed in!
Prize winners were: 1st, Belinda Fitzpatrick, Estuary Perch, 720 grams for 576 points; 2nd, Paul DeHamer, Salmon, 1080 grams for 540 points; Heaviest Gummy Shark, Dale Walker, 3420 grams.
Members are looking forward to better fishing in the New Year!