xdtight_5214Boston, USA visitor, Tristan with Rob Webster could see the fun side after missing out on a fishing trip when they had engine trouble at Mahers Landing on Sunday.

By King George

WITH the holiday break now in full swing there is standing room only in many resorts and there have been many positive reports of quality fish being bagged at most locations.
Local boat owners are giving the ramps a big miss as is usually the case at this time of year, which is a very good idea.
Every spare parking spot was taken and there was a long queue to launch or retrieve boats.


Many locals decide that they will leave the fishing to visitors who can only make it down to this great part of the world over the holiday periods.
Some do however fill in some time just looking at how the inexperienced ones will take ages to launch and retrieve boats and other watercraft.
Unfortunately there are incidents that occur and patience wears out and some nasty incidents arise so King George would urge everyone to be patient and if possible help those who could use a bit of assistance.
Having said that, there have been many positive reports from inside the inlet where the conditions have been mostly fine apart from a couple of windy periods.
George Davies is on holidays and was keen to try out his new 5m runabout but didn’t really know much about the area but King George came across him just before he was to launch off Mahers Landing at high tide.
He was advised that he would best launch at high water as the grade is very shallow and it is difficult at low water-which he did and headed off to one of a few spots that were pointed out to him.
Land based anglers continue to do well from both sides of the ramp where mullet, flathead and silvers seem to be making up most bags.
Boaters are also in the mix further up the inlet towards the Double Islands where there have been good numbers of coutta, silvers, salmon and for those who know where to look, perch.
Bert Divers and a mate decided to try their luck a short distance upstream from the boat ramp where they bagged some very good size salmon and a big flathead that was well over the 1kg mark and took a soft plastic lure on the run off tide.
For the benefit of those boaters who don’t often fish Anderson Inlet, it is one of those places that is constantly changing especially from the snags area to the entrance.
The sand bars are often on the move especially after a big blow, where the marker buoys may be deceiving in some locations.
If you are not sure then it would be a good idea to have a look at the low water level or seek local knowledge.
Rob Webster is an Inverloch local and decided to take out young Tristan out from Mahers Landing to catch a fish.
Tristan is out from Boston USA and was looking forward to going out.
Everything went alright with the boat in the water and all that was required was for the nice looking motor to start.
Nothing worked and the hapless would be fishermen returned to the ramp empty handed.
The motor had not been used for quite a few months and most owners will put earmuffs on the motor and run some fresh water through it and let it run for a while prior to leaving home.
Rob now knows what to do and hopefully this situation will be avoided in future.
Peter Brown is a very keen angler who likes to fish Anderson Inlet whenever the opportunity presents itself.
King George came across him whilst talking to Rob Webster.
Peter had just returned and had a very good mixed bag of pinkies, flathead, mullet and silvers that he caught on whitebait.
He said that most of the fish were caught on the run off tide above the boat ramp.
Outside the entrance boaters have been doing well out wide where good size flathead have been caught on a variety of baits as well as pinkies and size gummies.
For those who know where to go there are quality whiting that will take Bass yabbies, pipis and squid but there is every chance these fish will be left alone until the holiday season is over.

Shallow Inlet:

There have been very good reports coming from the inlet according to Karen Starrett who runs the local caravan park with husband Andrew.
Whiting have been in good numbers to the 45cm mark and taking baits such as pipis, squid and Bass yabbies.
There have also been plenty of silvers and flathead also being bagged on both sides of the tide at low water.
Gummy sharks have also been caught on baits such as squid, pilchards and preferably fresh fish fillets.
Quite reasonable size pinkies are also making an appearance and Karen says if these conditions continue the signs are looking good for a bumper season.

Port Albert:

Darren Whelan, better known as ‘Wheelo’ is a local legend in Port Albert and has been fishing the area for many years and knows these waters backwards.
He says he has found the best results have been on a rising barometer.
There has been a very good run of snapper outside the entrance around the blue hole to the area known as 9 mile.
He says Whale Bay has also been very productive where gummies and snapper as well as quality flathead have been caught on a variety of baits.
Darren says whiting are being bagged around the grass beds and in the process there have been quite good numbers of calamari making a welcome appearance.
The areas around the Basket Beacon and Budery Light have also been very productive.
Another local legend Phillip Forrest, likes to chase the whiting and just before this report he decided to go out not far from the jetty looking for a whiting or whatever might come along.
He had a bit of a wait and something did suddenly turn up and took off.
Forrest knew that this was too big for a whiting and his light gear was being tested.
After a long battle he landed his quarry – a 4kg king fish, which is the first one that Forrest has ever caught.
Naturally he took to the General Store where Rob Killury weighed it and of course Forrest has bragging rights for some time to come.


With the weekend’s late evening rising tides, shark fishing enthusiast Bill Athanasselis, paddled out a small tuna for bait from the Narrows Beach at Queenscliff with his kayak.
After some time his reel began to growl, heralding a tug o’ war with a large seven-gilled shark that took Bill and his crew – along with a willing group of arguably brave, late night strollers – considerable effort to roll back down the beach and into the sea where it gained its freedom as the tide rose. Thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

King George hopes that everyone has had an enjoyable Christmas and wishes you all a safe and happy New Year.
Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

AS usual at this time of the year there are plenty of people out fishing and naturally there have been more reports coming in.
The weather has been a bit mixed and not always possible to get the boat out but plenty have still headed to the land based areas regardless of the weather.
With the exception of calamari the land based fishing has been very inconsistent and difficult to get any sort of pattern as to the best time.
There have been a few good reports from the San Remo Jetty during the week of whiting and salmon from all different times and tides which is typical of the jetty.
Those that are successful off the san Remo Jetty generally spend plenty of time there as it isn’t really a spot that holds fish but is a bit of a way side stop for those fish traveling up the channel.
There is always plenty of wrasse and todies around the jetty and the floating jetty makes it easy for the kids to fish from as it is close to the water.
Anything is possible from the jetty and we often see some good pinkies and gummies from those that spend time in the evening or overnight fishing.
By far though the most reports we get from San Remo Jetty is calamari and they just seem to get better season after season.
As the small area on the jetty has been getting busier and busier people have spread out along the other arms of the jetty and have been finding they are catching them there as well, even on the outside part of the jetty in between the moored boats.
Evening and very early morning has been best lately as it has lined up with the tides but we did get a few reports from those fishing the tide in the middle of the day.
The reports of fish we got had no pattern to them at all and the whiting were small but a few keepers in amongst them.
Newhaven Jetty has been surprisingly quiet of late unless you like to catch banjos or port Jacksons and no real sign of pinkies in any number yet.
We have had a few reports of mullet which seem to be in good numbers but only a handful of trevally and salmon reports.
The reports of pinkies we have had were only small with very few keepers.
Just before Christmas I did see
some very good quality flathead caught from the jetty and a gummy that was better than size so like all fishing it changes quickly and although there are no guarantees in fishing your chances greatly improve the more time you actually spend fishing.
We finally had reasonable weather conditions to spend all day offshore, although it still wasn’t flat or for all size boats, some of the bigger boats were able to head out reasonably wide.
Unfortunately the makos didn’t play their part and none were reported although I did get a couple of reports of wire rigs being bitten off.
There were some very good schools of slimmeys and a several arrow squid caught, also large baits attacked by arrow squid so you would have to think the makos won’t be far behind.
Some very good flathead were caught although those fishing the usual close areas for flathead struggled.
A couple of boats fished Cody Banks and managed good flathead and a quality gummy as well as small pinkies.
Those reporting good catches of flathead came from deep water, 70m west of the Cape which is hard work if you are not used to it.
The other reports from offshore were of small couta plenty of silver whiting and salmon with the best report a box full of snapper all over 60cm caught while on a drift.
The bay was very frustrating for most and although it kept the kids entertained with undersized flathead and pinkies it didn’t put a lot of fish on the table for tea.
Having said that we did get some very good reports as well but it was definitely the early bird that caught the fish.
Those who headed out very early managed to land some quality whiting although numbers were down slightly on the last few weeks, Tortoise Head and Dickies Bay the best.
The same was for the pinkies with early mornings on The Corals the best time to be there.
There wasn’t much over 40cm caught but three or four of these make a good feed.
During the day it was a bit tougher and we did get some reports but nowhere as many as those fishing early.
During the day we did see some good flathead amongst the small ones and several salmon and pike also.
The evening was much the same as the early morning but once the sun went down it was all over.
The biggest of the gummies and snapper that I heard about this week came from the Corinella, Temby Point areas but unfortunately the reports were from people that saw the fish at the ramp so I have no details on them other than they were over 6kg each.