It was with profound disappointment that I read that no real progress has been made in coming to a fair decision that could be acceptable to the majority of beach users in the Inverloch area.
It would seem that all the work, extensive consultation and fine words emanating from our elected representatives have all come to nought. When push came to shove, nothing has changed.
It would seem clear that all the very costly consultation was only a smokescreen to hide the fact that the result was well and truly predetermined and consultation was only done to make it appear that a democratic process had been followed.
Let us examine the cost to Inverloch and potentially the Waterline communities.
Firstly, there is the considerable cost to Bass Coast ratepayers of the Chit Chat Consultants engaged to carry out the surveys.
Were council not aware of how the residents (read ratepayers) already felt about reasonable and equitable shared use of our beaches, without engaging in another “survey”?
Why would some councillors engage in such behaviour?
Single minded agendas without any concern for the ratepayers who put them in the position where they can virtually do as they please, seem likely. What is it that some councillors don’t understand about why they were elected as ward representatives?
They were elected as potentially the best person to speak on behalf of their ward in all council matters.
Why were DAMAC recommendations ignored and without explanation?
Why bother to have DAMAC?
Once again it seems, only to demonstrate that process was followed.
What must Chit Chat think about the end result of their consultative work?
Inverloch has been let down. Waterline towns are next on the list.
Do you think that Waterline will fare any better than Inverloch? Very unlikely.
Well, we have news for our elected representatives.
We will not accept the type of heavy handed deal handed out to Inverloch. Waterline is ready again to take up the fight.
We will do what we have to do to achieve democracy in our towns.
We have demonstrated that we can take up the fight using multiple resources at our disposal.
We have no desire to bring more ructions to our relationships with council, but where democracy is cast aside, we are prepared to voice our objections both widely and loudly.
Councillors know full well what to expect.
It seems some of them simply don’t care.
John Taylor, Corinella.