I refer to a leading article published in the Sentinel-Times Letters page on January 6 written by the co-owner of the paper Michael Giles.
It appears to me that Mr Giles’ criticism of the Bass Coast Shire Council relating to its decision regarding dogs on Inverloch is misplaced.
A council by-law, which has been in place for some time now, is the requirement that owners carry a plastic bag to pick up after the dog defecates.
While Mr Giles criticises the council creating what he describes as “poop” areas, the by-law is in place to deal with this.
Mr Giles mentions briefly, but he neglected to challenge those irresponsible selfish owners to do the right thing now that the situation has been clarified.
It appears to me that the council decisions regarding Inverloch beaches are fair.
There are off the leash areas, on leash areas and no dog areas.
I believe that all dogs, when being exercised in public, should be leashed.
Indeed, last year I seem to remember reading in the Sentinel-Times that a council by-law right across the shire required that dogs must be leashed. The Wonthaggi Golf Club also has the requirement that dogs must be leashed on its land, even though it is private land.
Bass Coast Shire population has the highest percentage of elderly persons in Victoria.
I am in my eighties and do not wish to encounter a dog running ahead of its owner when I walk on my walking frame.
Neither do children walking to school, mothers with small toddlers in pushers, other responsible dog owners walking their pets on a leash etc. etc.
I cannot understand why exercising on leash is a problem for some owners. The dog is still being exercised.
Beverly Congues, Wonthaggi.