I know myself and others have asked this question several times with no honest replies.
With all the consultation meetings and DAMAC, it was deemed the a dog free beach area at the Screw Creek nature beach was acceptable to all concerned; that area is from the end of the foreshore camping park to the bridge over Screw Creek.
But when the council produced their map for dog walking, they made east of Cuttriss Street to Screw Creek no dogs.
There is absolutely no solid grounds or reason for this dog ban, going on my 30 years’ experience.
It is obvious that our councillors have very little or no knowledge of the Anderson Inlet Beach.
They also do not take any notice of what the majority want.
I think the councillors forget why they were elected.
So why was the majority ignored and why did the councillors change without consulting with DAMAC as they were in agreement with the majority or is it a case of no knowledge of the beach and didn’t know where the Screw Creek Nature beach is?
Also in 2013 at a DAMAC meeting, the council promised that they wouldn’t turn our beaches into Queensland type resorts by placing signs on the beach – that’s another promise broken.
If you say this unnecessary ban is to protect wildlife in the area then when did the shire become protective of foxes and rabbits as this is the only wildlife there.
This ban must be returned to what council and the majority was happy with in the first place before some councillors decided to ignore the majority again.
We must stand up for the rights of the residents and ratepayers and stop this group of councillors doing what they wish and ignoring the people who voted for them.
I don’t think we will be fooled again by people who have very little knowledge of where they live and the Inverloch beach and show no respect for the residents who have lived here before they were born and understand the area a lot better.
Robert Scott, Inverloch