Whilst I fully support the extension of the shared pathway along Inverloch Surf Parade (Sentinel-Times, January 20), the assumption that the path will encourage significant numbers of people to leave their cars behind and “enjoy the walk and ride to surf beach” shows a complete lack of understanding as to how the surf beach is used.
One only has to visit the area on a warm day in January to see families unloading body boards, sun shelters, towels, eskys, etc, some with infants and/or elderly parents, to know that it would be impractical for these people to park kilometres away, even if adequate parking were available elsewhere.
Few people who reside more than a modest distance away are likely to walk to the beach knowing that they have the same distance to return at the end of the day, often with exhausted children.
Clearly car owners will have to find somewhere to leave their vehicles.
If the current plan is endorsed one can only pity the home owners who live on nearby streets.
Keith Finney, Inverloch.