editors letterBy Danika Dent

I’m usually a bit slow with New Year’s resolutions, preferring to delay settling on an achievable goal until about February when all the pressure’s subsided.
Partly it’s because my New Year’s resolutions last about a week – there’s no use pretending I’m going to get to the gym, or stop hitting the snooze button, or give up my chocolate/coffee addiction.
I did however start a habit of being grateful last year.
Posting ‘grateful statuses’ on Facebook has been around for a while now and in one week’s time I will have posted 365 days of ‘being grateful’.
It’s my first ever time of actually sticking to a resolution for a whole year.
The ‘grateful posts’ have ranged from the mundane to the profound, but they are never-the-less the things I am grateful for.
Not surprisingly a few people get multiple mentions – particularly my husband, family and our wonderful friends.
On days where there was little happening, cleaning the toilets features; I was grateful I had reticulated sewerage and the health benefits that go with clean water.
On days when journalists were killed or covered extreme events, I was grateful for a safe workplace.
There was also a fairly long period while in recovery for two bouts of surgery that I was grateful for pain relief, though I think in the fuzz, I may well have posted that one a couple of times.
Sometimes posting a grateful status everyday was a bit of a chore, but it forced me to reflect everyday on what I had that others didn’t, what my goals were for the year and my progress towards them.
I admit that at 100 days in, and half way through, my grateful status was that I was 100 days and half way through the project, but I persevered.
It forced me to look on the bright side of life, even on crappy days.
There has been a lesson in this for me – to take a moment and share with others that I don’t take their love, company and friendship for granted.
I may not be posting any more grateful posts (which I’m sure my Facebook friends will be pleased about), but I do hope to continue the enforced reflection on my day and find the good in it.