First-set-for-WonthaggiTraffic lights could be installed at the intersection at Korumburra Road/Bass Highway after VicRoads said traffic lights were a long term solution to the problems faced by drivers. The intersection is renowned for its traffic issues, with drivers regularly finding it difficult to cross the Bass Highway or turn right from Korumburra Road. RG150215.

THE first set of traffic lights for Wonthaggi could be seen in the near future, according to VicRoads.
An investigation by VicRoads into the long-term improvement options at the Bass Highway and Korumburra-Wonthaggi Road intersection was undertaken with the assistance of the Bass Coast Shire Council.
Scott Lawrence, VicRoads Regional Director for the Eastern Region said the investigation identified that the installation of traffic lights is the most appropriate long term solution to improve safety at the intersection.
“The traffic lights would include a pedestrian phase to cater for the pedestrian and cycling activity at this location, therefore providing safe and equitable access for all road users,” he said.
“Any improvement projects such as the installation of traffic lights must be considered and prioritised on a state-wide basis according to funding availability.”
“VicRoads, in conjunction with the Bass Coast Shire Council will continue to monitor the safety of this intersection.”

Locals applaud
Wonthaggi resident Pat Barry has lived four doors down from the intersection for 26 years and knows too well the troubles that arise from the stretch of road.
He welcomed the news and said the only fix is to install traffic lights.
“There are times when it’s unmanageable; with the busy weekends at the moment we get streams of traffic flowing on the Bass Highway coming down to Inverloch and beyond and you just cannot use Korumburra Road at all,” he said.
“What we’re seeing now is the trucks that are stuck there, in the end they force their way across, and force the highway to stop, otherwise the traffic banks up forever towards the showgrounds.
“Traffic lights can be monitored to assist the flow of traffic at peak times and during the school times when there’s more traffic coming back from Korumburra Road, the traffic lights could be altered accordingly to allow more traffic to come down Korumburra Road.
“At night time, it would just be a through road straight all the time until someone pulls up.”
Amazingly, no major accidents have occurred at the intersection, but Pat believes accidents shouldn’t be the only criteria that VicRoads considers.
“From Korumburra Road straight ahead now, there is Bunnings, Big W, the Plaza Arcade and Safeway, people that know will turn left then right and all the way around, but strangers that don’t know get stuck there,” he said.
“It should have happened years ago and I think it’s a little strange this script they give that they won’t do anything until there’s an accident.
“The town is so busy at the moment; it can’t simply be an accident that triggers them to do something.
“It should be a commercial decision, traffic flow there is very high which they know about and they know they need to do something about it.”